Dead Mac Mini necessitates a move to Nucleus+

I’m quite sure this has been covered before, so if someone can point me in the right direction or can assuage my concerns, I’m all ears.

The power supply for my modified Mac Mini blew a rectifier this morning. Since the power supply is hardwired to the Mini, the Mini is no longer bootable and won’t be until I get the power supply repaired.

Since the Mini was a late 2012 model, I thought I’d get with the times, so I ordered a Nucleus+ this morning. It should be here tomorrow, hopefully.

Only yesterday, I backed up my Roon Core from the Mini to an external SSD. Lucky me.

What basic steps do I need to do to get from an inoperable Core machine to the Nucleus+? I’ve never done this before.

Is it: Set up the Nucleus+, and simply plug the USB-based SSD in and restore the latest backup? Or, are there other, more precise steps to take.

Thanks for you help,

Did you consider consulting Roon’s knowledge base?
I suggest to click this link to the relevant page.

Yes, I did, thanks @Marin_Weigel

I was looking for crib notes, as I got overnight shipping on the N+ and wanted to ramp up quickly.

It is now successfully installed, with backup restored, and it’s playing nicely.

On to my next problem: Figuring how to transfer files to internal SSD storage. Roon seems to be stuck forever on “Copying 1 of nnn”, even if I try to copy just one folder. No use having an internal SSD if I can’t use it (properly).

Hi @Rob_Hanson

How are you copying files over? Where are they stored currently? Has it moved at all from Copying 1 of x?

@dylan Thanks for checking in.

I shut down Roon for a while and let it sit there and think about how it’s behavior was affecting me. We eventually came around to an understanding.

Before I tried again, I reformatted the SSD in case that was a factor.

This morning I started trying to copy a track at a time, then an album, then the entire folder of my primary music. It seemed to work well, but I cancelled the entire library copy as I had work to do on the computer, and it wasn’t really blazing through the copy process.

My plan is to kick off a full library copy before turning in for the night. We’ll see how that goes.