Dealing with compositions - concatenating songs together

I thought I had it figured out. But Pete Townshend’s Quadrophenia … don’t need to listen to the whole album when I have it as part of a shuffle.

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Yes. This happens all the time with classical where multi-part compositions are common.

I have the feeling roon is behaving as designed but in a lot of scenarios like this I think many would prefer the option of shuffling at the “part” rather than the “work level”. Needs to be thought through though. I would for example like to hide “recitative” in that mode, although I don’t want to hide it in other modes where I was listening to an entire opera.

Not sure if there is a work around in the absence of a change request. Maybe someone has a suggestion? Similar requests have been raised on other threads.

This is more of a bug than I first thought. I thought there was a way to cause Roon to stop playing all these tracks together but the fix I thought I implemented didn’t work. This is pretty bad - it means certain albums play all the way through despite their being shuffled.

This is terrible unless there is a fix. For example, I have a Tag of music that reminds me of “Blade Runner” and then I have the Blade Runner soundtrack in that tag so that some of the movie quotes, etc., are supposed to be mixed into the shuffle. Instead, it plays the whole darn album through.

Hey Roon, team, please give us a choice here.

Perhaps the quick fix is that when we select “use file data” for compositions, if there is no such data, the default is not to concatenate these files rather than to do so.

I am hoping to make this easier soon, guys.

It is possible now to change composition grouping using file tags (as described here) but I agree there should be a more straightforward way to disable this.

We’ll try to get a change in here soon, guys. Thanks for the feedback!

@mike, good to hear something is in the works.

But just to clarify. I use the WORK/PART tags quite a bit, but only when roon hasn’t grouped multi-part compositions properly from public tags. Are you saying that a side effect of this is that if roon finds explicit PART tags it will shuffle at the PART level rather than the WORK level? I hadn’t realised that.

Just as an aside if you are in the process of implementing PART level shuffle/radio there are a couple of use cases I can think of that you may want to consider.

  1. Extend the song “hide” function. For example a drop down to include:

a) Global hide
b) Shuffle/Radio hide
c) etc. (other useful “hides” others have thought of)

For example, I can imagine wanting to hide opera “recitative” or “applause” or other spoken word from shuffle/radio but not from album play.

  1. Configurable multi-part “shuffle distance”

What I mean is that although it would be great to be able to shuffle at the PART level, I would like to be able to configure that there must be at least 10, 20, 30 etc. songs before a PART from a previously played composition is queued. If the multi-part “shuffle distance” is too short (in the extreme case just 1 for example) then all that would happen is that the parts of a composition would just be played randomly out of order which would be truely annoying.

  1. Similar to 2), I could imagine a configurable “artist”, “genre” and “tag” shuffle distance. So there must be at least 10, 20, 30 songs played before an artist/genre/tag is repeated.