Deezer integration coming to Roon?

Is it true that Deezer integration will come available? Gunter Kurten, CEO for Elac, stated this on the ISE edition, RAI Amsterdam.
Will Deezer offer flac or alac?


Great news. I use Deezer Elite with Sonos and really like the service.

I don’t think its been confirmed yet? :wink:

Thanks for the post. I’ve had both Deezer and Spotify subscriptions, and kept Deezer due to its reliability. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. New to Roon, and sure like it thus far.

I contacted Deezer a couple of days ago, and they responded this morning with the following email:


Thank you for getting in touch.

Thank you for your feedback. Elite is only available on Sonos. I have passed your message onto the development team.

Please get back in touch if you need further assistance.


Hello does anyone know whether Deezer will be integrated in the short term in Roon?

Currently I am using Tidal in combination with my own library but I feel that Tidal’s selection on (vocal) jazz is much more better with Deezer. I must say I have migrated from Sonos in combination with Deezer/Hires/flac so I was used to that service for a time now.

Up to now, Deezer has sold its soul exclusively to Sonos, effectively blocking Roon integration.

I kept my Deezer/Sonos Elite subscription until recently since I had hoped Sonos’ exclusive with Deezer might terminate after two years. I didn’t, so I let Deezer lapse. Deezer is a great program, and if they paired with Roon I would sure consider returning. That said, Tidal has done some good things including the recent rollout of MQA Masters. If you want Deezer to partner with Roon, Roon is not the holdup. Contact Deezer and let them know you would like to use their services through Roon.

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I’m in the exact same situation, and I find Deezer’s library larger than Tidal’s for music that interests me.

I was really hoping that the Sonos exclusive would lapse.

That said, talking to Deezer is like talking to a wall. You cannot get support from them, there is no user forum, you cannot even find pricing for the Elite service level… but the streaming service itself has been very reliable.

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+1 for Deezer. I listen primarily to jazz and find their catalog deeper than the other streaming services.


Is there some news available on the Deezer integration, future plans and roadmap? Will there be an integration into Roon in the next months?

Roon don’t announce these kind of things, so your question’s probably unlikely to get an answer. That doesn’t mean they haven’t read it, or the features not coming, but equally doesn’t mean it is. Best to just embrace the surprise if/when something happens!

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I think if Deezer was likely, they would say so. If it wasn’t they would admit that too. Earlier is a comment about exclusivity with Sonos. That may be lapsed, it may not and that should be seen as the state of play until Roon and Deezer say otherwise. Importantly, it is Deezer where the pressure should be applied. This will only happen if and when they want it.

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Hello it’s still some time since my last e-mail chat with Deezer guys.

Yesterday I asked them the same question as before, when will Deezer be accessible through Roon?

This is the answer: “I am afraid, we don’t have, yet, any dates of when FLAC will be allowed on other devices. It is Deezer’s intention to have it done as soon as it will be possible.”

The question now is, which of the companies does to take effort to integrate the streaming service?

Deezer expands Hi-Fi beyond Sonos to Google Cast and Chromecast speakers

Now the time has come!! Can’t wait till we see this integration with Roon, would so much like to leave Tidal (lousy play lists when using subscription in car etc).

News here :

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Afraid I don’t see Deezer integration quite yet…hopefully soon.


Thought I’d just leave this here!

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I messaged Deezer’s Facebook account about Roon integration, Anja replied: “we’re working on it. Hopefully soon.”


That will be great. Can Roon confirms this?

Hope that this can happen. I’m just trialling Deezer HiFi at the moment and I’ve got to say that at the moment I’m really impressed. Quality is superb, the catalogue extensive and I’m finding it much easier to find the music I like. The playlists are much more relevant to me and a lot like Spotify playlists and to top it off I’m not having Jay-Z and Kanye West rammed down my throat. I’ve just about made my mind up to ditch Tidal, I will miss the integration with Roon, but have plenty of my own music to keep me happy until hopefully we can have Deezer integration.