Deezer integration coming to Roon?

I would love this to happen. I’m loving Roon and MQA, but I don’t necessarily feel like Tidal is the best option for my musical tastes.

And yes, far, far too much pushing of Jay-Z and his mates, wife, etc. I still can’t get any editorial on any type of music I’m interested in, which makes me and my subscription feel undervalued, so to speak.

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I’m a fan of Jay-Z and his mates and his wife but I have friends that aren’t and I agree it has been a little overwhelming at times, without balance with other styles of music.

However I think they have taken on feedback because the ‘what’s new’ page this past month hasn’t been AS bad as before. There is still some work to do but it’s worth sending Tidal feedback.

I’ve sent them feedback in the past on a couple minor things and was surprised to find changes implemented a couple of months later. And of course the library is much more diverse than the front pages.

Masters page looking more diverse than before also:

With MQA. Coming soon , it would appear SONOS agreement is expiring or trivial since SONOS is not nor will be an MQA hardware player untill they start selling all new equipment lines. Personally I am OK with that as I want my MQA on my Roon since really to enjoy the sound quality of MQA right now with TIDAL. One really needs to play it on a high quality Stereo unit …coming from personal experience when one does …WOW!!! Better than my records of the same material in a A.B comparison. I hear more stuff than I hear on my records. Then once Deezer has MQA , I am hoping that then Roon can integrate. I have Trialed Deezer and like the selection better AND the interfaces better on PC and Android when I took it with me. I just dropped since only the high quality FLAC was SONOS only. Where TIDAL was all devices and then now MQA on PC. And Roon PC that I use in my LEXICON/KRELL stereo. SWEET!

This is good news. Maybe we will see release 1.4 offer MQA and Deezer support. Just in time for Christmas. :slight_smile:

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Hi Roon team, now that Deezer Hifi is available (latest was supporting on Bluesound), when will Deezer Hifi be integrated like Tidal into Roon?


+1 I’m ready and waiting to move from Tidal… too expensive for starters… and I’m not bothered about MQA (even though my DAC can decode it).


Please also promote the wish for Deezer support in Roon at Deezer Community – See this other Deezer thread in the community:

I’ve written to Deezer many times

Hi All, deezer integration would be a godsend and a viabale alternative to Tidal and safety net for all roon lifetime subscribers.

Tidal is not in good shape, bankrupcy has been looming over its head for at least a year and now thing look even more grim.

+1 for Deezer, at the moment I’m using Deezer desktop app the stream Hi-Fi lossless for a 30 days trial, I must said there are more albums available compared to Tidal.

Really? Huh. That’s interesting. How about comparing it to Apple Music.

I am really satisfied with Roon. I use it mostly with my own music library.
However, I think that in today’s world we need to have streaming services integration not necessarily for hifi (why not, though?), but for exploring and further listening.
After trying Google Play Music and Tidal, my preferred service is Deezer regarding the music catalogue and quality,
I will seriously consider continuing my Roon subscription if we do not get Deezer integration soon.

You may wish to edit your last sentence :grinning:

Actually it makes good sense if the choice is consider or just continue. @Stjepko_Varga if you want Deezer contact them and tell them that is what you want. The reason it hasn’t happened has more to do with them than it has to do with Roon.

Why, I ask myself, why is it that Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify refuse to work/integrate in Roon. You can find them in apps like BlueOs, Heos (Marantz/Denon), Musicast (Yamaha) and many others, like Lumin, Aurender, Linn and so on. Why is it they don’t like Roon? Is it the deep integration? Can someone from Roon explain why. We pay a lot of money for the software, they could at least a bit more open about this. Why can’t they take a step back, and give us Qobuz, Deezer without integration? ? Oh and for us , here in Europe, Tidal I so American… in Europe there are much less know bands that you can’t find in Tidal, but can find in Qobuz or Deezer.

I believe the streaming partners are unwilling to give their proprietary codes with deep integration into another software. Most hardware manufacturers do integrate streaming into their products but nothing come close to Roon + Tidal integration.

This is going to a problem if Tidal ever goes out of business.

Taking a step back on the thing that sets Roon apart from the competition is not a great idea is it? Will it bring a rush of users in. Probably not.

Really too bad Deezer doesn’t work with Roon. I had their Deezer Elite service with Sonos and I really liked it, but having both Tidal and Deezer is unneccesary duplication, so I’ll stick with Tidal as long as a better alternative is not available.

IMO, Deezer and the others are missing the boat.

Don’t see why Deezer would not get on with Roon,. have read other comments in this thread that Deezer has sold their soul to Sonos, or is married to Sonos. I have some Bluesound devices (Node2) in my home and Deezer Elite is integrated with that product.,. just as Tidal is. AND Sounds Great!

I have to say, the very limited options for lossless streaming providers is bad. I don’t know if it’s because Tidal and Roon have a deal, or what, but it sure would be nice to see Deezer integration in Roon. Tidal is only so good, and it is very Rap heavy. Deezer has a better mix of genres and offers lossless. Right now Tidal is it for Roon. Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket.

I also just got BlueSound devices as well. Amazing how many streaming sources the Bluesound app has isn’t it?