Default to either "explicit" or censored version of albums/tracks [Released!]

Personally, I never want to hear the non-explicit version of anything Radio serves up. Maybe there are others out there who feel the opposite. Both valid choices. Is it possible to implement a toggle to say “Yes please give me explicit content” or “No, please don’t play explicit content”.

If the feature already exists happy to be pointed to it!


There should be a setting for “super explicit only.”


You can configure Roon Radio to avoid explicit content. See this KB page and below:

Can I filter out tracks with explicit lyrics?

You can filter out explicit content by going to the Queue screen and choosing Filter Explicit Content in Roon Radio from the 3 dots menu.

Please note that, while we do our best to filter out all explicit lyrics, the quality of this data is highly variable and we might not always know if a given track is explicit.

The default is explicit filter off.


Avoiding isn’t the ask; quite the opposite.


I think it is, unless the OP wants to hear nothing unless it has explicit lyrics. If you turn off the explicit lyrics filter, you’re going to hear explicit lyrics if they exist.

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No, he always wants to hear the explicit version (where there is a choice of explicit and non-explicit versions), I think. So, an ‘Always choose explicit version, when available’ setting. OP to confirm.


OK, I see the distinction you are making. I’m thinking that is the version you will hear if you turn the filter off, but I’m not certain.

Exactly. If an album has an explicit version, I would love for Radio to favour the explicit version. Maybe the existing feature could be expanded. But I understand that this mostly applies to rap music on Tidal, so based on the tastes of the average Roon probably not a priority! :upside_down_face:


Just to clarify further, may not be obvious if you don’t listen to a lot of explicit content – virtually every explicit album on Tidal has an explicit (E) version and a non-explicit version, and they are already flagged and badged as such in Roon and Tidal interface. They also appear under “Versions” so Roon is already aware they are the same album.

That would be Mac Miller, The Divine Feminine.

I’d like to just add that I have this same feature request. I use Qobuz but the same would apply. If there is an explicit version of an album/track I don’t want to interact with the edited version. Ideally, the edited versions also wouldn’t show up in the “versions” tab.


+1 to this request. My attitude is that I want to hear my music the way the artist intended it to be heard, and if they cursed on the record, I want to hear it: anybody else’s sensibilities be damned.

Additionally, I would like to have an option added to Roon Radio when you skip a track: “Track is the wrong version” or something similar. It’s frustratingly often that Roon Radio plays a song I love, but it’s the censored version, so I skip it. I don’t want to tell Roon not to play that song again, I want to tell Roon not to play that version of the song again.


You can ban a track if it’s in your library. First heart click will favorite it. A second click will ban it.
You will still see the track (it’s not hidden), but it will not be played when you play the album unless you explicitly tell it to play that track.
Theoretically, this should also happen in Roon Radio related functions. I believe ‘the catch’ is that Roon must choose the album in your library where the track is banned. Roon will, of course, choose among the various versions of the album available.
Not quite as satisfying as doing it via Roon Radio on the fly, obviously.

This needs to be added if it already hasn’t been added. I don’t ever want to hear a censored version of a song. I’m actually offended when a song served up on Roon Radio and IS censored. Blows my mind that this is even an issue. Makes Roon Radio useless for certain genres.


That’s totally weird - I never knew Roon radio behaved in such a way. That is disappointing to hear. The original version should be the first option I’d assume.

Another reason why getting the album is best. :laughing:

But that still will not stop Roon Radio from playing what it thinks is the most accurate match. It does not defer to what is in your library unless you restrict Roon Radio to your library. And then it isn’t Roon Radio anymore.
There is a switch in Queue to filter explicit content, but it doesn’t work in reverse.


No, it won’t change Roon Radio, but it means you get the content you want, whilst having that warm fuzzy feeling in your belly of actually supporting the artists who made the music you like.

Cheers Scott. :smiley:

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This is come up for me on the weekend - using Roon as a juke box - everyone is like: “why is it only playing the censored version?” Quite a drag at a party. At the time I blamed it on Tidal. But no ,Tidal generally has both a censored and a explicit version. It’s just Roon chooses the censored version by default. You have to go into “versions” and pick the explicit version, although the only thing enoting that is a tiny “E”. It’s not much of a solution/workaround.

This should be a global setting: “Prefer uncensored”


I also find it very annoying that roon often selects the censored version.

Please make a setting to prefer the explicit uncensored version.



Agreed. This is annoying as hell.