Delay first time bringing up Queue list?

I noticed that the first time I bring up the Queue list there is a very noticeable delay from all of my remotes (Android phone & tablet, Wins 10 PC). It takes about 2-4 seconds before the Queue list is populated. This only happens the very first time I view a Queue. The server PC is an i7-6700 not doing any DSP so the CPU load is less then 5% and I have 16gb of RAM. My network is AC1900 and I can stream DSD512 files without any issues so I do not think its a wifi issue.

Any ideas whats causing this delay?

Hello @tboooe,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue, can you please confirm that this behavior is consistent even if you reboot your Core? How many items are located on your Queue? Can you please share a screenshot?


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