Delay in database

I understand that the Roon database takes a while to catch up to major new entries of music but I need a little more detail. My Core (iMac) where I do rips says I have 880 cds. I see all the newly ripped CDs instantly and can play them. But I go to another endpoint (my main stereo system) and it says I only have 831 CDs. It has said 831 for two days. Why no progress at all? Everything, including internet are all functioning perfectly.
I’ve gone to Library settings and set the Background Speed to two cores (30 hours ago and nothing changed in that time.

Love Roon but is there any way I can see the new music on the other endpoints? How long should this take?

The endpoints should only be seeing what is in your library, so they should tally with your server (core).

So is there any way the endpoint can retain an old data base? It doesn’t see any of the rips in the last 24 hours but the core database is just fine.

That’s very odd. The endpoints don’t have a database that’s why nothing works if they can’t see the server core.
Have you restarted the server and remotes at all?

Got two endpoints. One is up to date and agrees with the server but the one endpoint doesn’t change as I rip more CDs. I’ve rebooted the computer and the roon app. The only rat I smell is the wrong endpoint is the only PC in the system, all others are Macs. Is there a chance the one end point is on another account? I presume only one account can be run at a time so all components should be synced.

How did you setup the Roon systems: Core and Remote?

If you switch off the Roon Core, and then try to run the Roon Remote … what does it report?

PROBLEM SOLVED. Ok my problem was I didn’t understand that the Storage can be configured different for each endpoint. Where I was stuffing the newly ripped CDs was not being pointed to. I assumed (wrong) that the server pointing to the assigned storage folders would reassign all the end points. Its makes Roon more flexible but flexibilty has to be recognized. Thanks everyone for your interest.

You have 2 cores up and running I think.

You can’t …

I believe you may have setup two Roon Cores rather than one Core and a Remote.

Can you double check and also try the test I suggested.

There should be one core server it has the only copy of the library which includes the storage locations. The fact you can amend locations on one means that is a core.

No the PC says the iMac is the core. Is there a place in Roon that identifies servers and endpoints specifically?
My iMac in settings says General --CORE, the PC under General says iMac so they both think the iMac is CORE

OK how do you unCORE a computer and make it just an endpoint? I will be doing that later when I purchase a Nucleus + and make it the CORE.

Hello @Kenneth_Eis,

Can you please post a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> General tab from that Main Stereo System PC? This screenshot should look something like this:

Unauthorizing Cores is a simple process, when you connect a Roon Remote to your Nucleus the first time around it will say something similar to the following page:

Please also make sure to update the firmware on your Nucleus after receiving it to ensure it works properly.