Delay skipping songs after 1.5 update

My 1.5 version downloaded and updated earlier today. But there’s a problem for me. I’m now having a long delay when I manually skip to the next song on a playlist. The delay also happens if I restart a song or if I just select a song to play. Sometimes the delay occurs just going normally from one song to the next on a playlist. The delay is 30-45 seconds.

I had this problem with earlier Roon releases, but with the release or two just before this new release, the delay was reduced to less than 6-7 seconds, and sometimes only 1 or 2 seconds. I was very happy with those small delays.

I’m on Windows 7 and output through USB to a W4S DAC2. The machine is not up to your recommended specs, but I haven’t gotten around to replacing it yet.

Can you guys check what you changed in this new release to make this problem reappear?

Or can I easily revert back to the earlier release? This delay is quite annoying.



We can definitely look into this for you @Richard_Tibbets, but unfortunately downgrading is not possible with Roon.

Does this delay happen with all content formats? Local media? TIDAL? What if you store media on a different hard drive?

Does it happen with all audio outputs? What if you play to the normal PC speakers just as a test?

@support can definitely turn on diagnostics for your account and take a deeper look at this, but if you’ve been having this problem before, the best way forward is going to be figuring out where the delay is coming from, so answers to the questions above will help us begin troubleshooting this for you.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble here!

@Richard_Tibbets Just for the record how far off the minimum spec recommended by Roon are we talking about?

RAM, CPU model and DISK (SSD/HDD) details would be interesting to know.

Also are you doing any DSP functions… maybe a screen shot of the playback audio path would be interesting too :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I left Roon running all night on my laptop to see if it just needed to do some database work to reduce to delay. This afternoon I listened using Roon again and no more annoying delays.

So I guess I need to remember to leave Roon running for a day or so after a major update.

My question still remains about the systems specs that could be a valid reason why things are slow. A properly spec’d system should not have these kinds of issues.