Delete duplicates

Hello Folks,

Is there a way to delete all my lower quality duplicate albums at once?

You could use Focus within the Album browser:

  1. Use the Focus Inspector button and check “Duplicates”, and then
  2. Use the Format button and check what you consider to be the lower quality (e.g. MP3).
  3. Click twice on the list of albums to close down the Focus dialogues; you’re then left with the display of all the lower quality duplicate albums. Right-click on the first album, then hold shift while right-clicking on the last; that selects all the albums (this is using the standard key shortcuts on Windows).
  4. Click the Edit button - top right of the Roon window.
  5. At the bottom of the Album Options tab in the Album editor is the Delete Albums button. Remember that clicking this will permanently delete your album files.

Great, Geoff!!! I just followed your advice. No more duplicates for me now!!!


So a variation. Is there a way to hide all MP3 files without actually deleting them? JCR

Focus, Format, click on MP3. You get a green button that says “+ MP3 x”.
Click on the plus sign, it becomes minus and the button becomes red. MP3 is excluded. You can then make a bookmark to make it easier to get to this view.


Brilliant. Works like a charm. Thanks. JCR

Hi Geoff, I would like to filter out (hide) the lower quality album among several copies I have in my library. For example ABBA Gold in MP3 320 and 128kbps. If not possible, is it possible to show, while browsing, the rate in addition to the format? Thanks!

Use the “Hidden Albums” setting in the General Settings (set “Show Hidden Albums” to No), and make sure that the high quality version of your duplicate albums is set as the “Primary” version… I don’t think the rate is an option for display on the album cover in the Album browser…

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If show album format and show album version are checking under general in settings, rate will show on album browsing. See photo example. JCR

Thanks Geoff!!

Thanks Jeffrey!!

Not adding anything constructive but did want to say thanks for the great ideas guys. The Focus and Bookmark buttons finally have a use for me!

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Thanks Geoff!

Can the task of removing duplicates be done on the iPhone?

Hi, I am trying this, I see Duplicates Tab when I use the Focus Inspector button and looking at Albums. please help.


I’m sorry, but it is not clear to me what you are having difficulty with. Could you please try and rephrase your question?


I want to identify and delete duplicate albums
in my library.

I read that you you can do this by using the focus icon. Please advise how
you can do this.

In the thread it says click duplicates after you press focus icon, I do not see any button for duplicates

Thanks for your help.



You missed a bit. From Geoff’s post

This is actually three steps
Focus > Inspector > Duplicates

Does that help?

PS the inspector tag is far right on the focus screen, you may have to scroll.

Use the “Only Duplicates” filter switch at the top right of a playlist. Then only all the tunes that there are duplicates of in the playlist are shown. Then delete the ones you don’t want.

When you switch off the Only Duplicates you then see all your tunes still in the playlist and each only once.

Note that this does not delete tunes from your library, not even duplicates.

Also trying to delete/hide the mp3s in my collection that have been duplicated in the past as AAC files generated by iTunes Match. When I specify mp3 in Format (and Duplicates in Inspector) I get both mp3 and AAC+ albums in the resulting list. [I didn’t specify AAC in the format.] The green buttons ‘+ MP3’ and ‘Duplicates’ are both shown. Assuming I can get past this step, how then do I remove the MP3s from searches, etc.? Thanks in advance for your help. Mitch