Delete one backup date?

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MacBook Air Big Sur Roon 1.7 Build 710

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Yesterday, I replied to a different thread “error loading database”. Using the suggestions in that thread, I got Roon back with my user created tag intact. With Roon up, I wanted to restore it from a Roon backup so that albums I tagged with my own tag would be recovered. My first attempt at restoring Roon was using a Roon backup from Jan 14, 2021. When I clicked Relaunch, the same Error loading database popped up. I changed the name of Roon folder (under user/Library) and restarted Roon, letting it rebuild. I then went back one previous Roon backup and did a restore. When I hit Relaunch, it worked. I quit Roon and it worked again, I’m listening to a CD I just ripped and tagged it with my own tag that was recovered in the restore.

I would say that the Roon backup of Jan 14 is bad, but Jan 5 is good. Back ups are incremental, right? So, I don’t want to back up on to the Jan 14 dataset, right? Can I delete that one backup with out creating problems?

cheers, John

Make a backup now and it will be complete and have today’s timestamp; you can test it if you like. If you wish, you may delete the Jan 14 backup by going to Settings > Backup > Find Backups. Simply select the backup location and you will be presented with a list of backups.


Thanks for the reply. If I had poked around, I would have found it, but I was I wanted to explain my situation and ask for advice. I just deleted the Jan 14th backup and will perform a new back up. FWIW, I think the “separateness” of the actual music folder and Roon itself means I’ll never lose music if/when Roon crashes. Nice to know. The only reason to restore was the one tag I have applied to some albums. And comments in the thread impressed on me that Time Machine backups aren’t going to rebuild/restore Roon. I don’t completely understand that, but OK.
thanks, John

Sorry, but Roon backups are certainly NOT incremental!

Hi @john_hess,

Did restoring the previous backup resolve the issue you were having with the database loading?

If you are still experiencing issues can you please use these instructions to send me a copy of your Roon logs?