"Delete Track" deletes entire album in Tidal

I realize this topic has appeared in Forums before, but I am still having trouble with it. Last night, listening to an album in Tidal I wanted to delete one track from it. This was easy enough, but after deleting the track, in a few seconds the whole album was deleted. I tried Hide Track, but nothing happened. The album was not favorited, but one song on it was, if that matters. Would appreciate help. Thank you.
Jim Heckman

I believe if I added the whole album, I have had trouble deleting one track.
Also if it was added in a Tidal Collection, I believe the whole album will delete

yes, that’s my experience. Essentially “Delete Track” doesn’t work.

Would banning the track do what you want?

Sincere thanks for this. I didn’t know about the Ban feature–sorry if I should have known about this. I just tried it and it seems to work (I’ll know for sure when listening next time), and is in fact a lot easier than going through the “Delete Track” process. (I still don’t know what “Delete Track” will do, but I don’t care now that Ban seems to work for what I need.) Again, many thanks.
Jim Heckman

I assume you’ve seen Phil’s response below about the Ban feature. It seems to solve the problem.
Jim Heckman

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