Deleted remotes to resolve authorization issue

@support I have this same issue (using QNAP). I chose unauthorize, using my MacbookPro, and it immediately started working. But when I try to sign in from my iPhone, the music stops. Once signed in to the iPhone remote, I hit play and it begins from where it stopped using the Mac remote (Core is on QNAP). Music is playing and I try logging in to the Mac remote, music stops and here we go again. Please fix this.

**I found the other thread. Deleted apps and reinstalled and seems to be working now. Whoopsie.

As I’ve already written yesterday:
The only solution for me, was to deinstall the client software on all devices and after that reinstall it.
This will delete all caches (there seems to be a problem).

Hello @Mark_Kelly,

From the end of your original message it sounds like things are working for you now? Do you still need help? Let me know!

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