Deleting Albums from favourites list


In my Roon Album favourites I have a number of albums that I have not entered. Also, when I click on them Roon tells me the albums cannot be found. So how do I remove them from my favourites list? Any ideas?

Thanks for reaching out, @bensearle54!

Can you show me a screenshot of what you are seeing? Are these albums from TIDAL? Can you also share a screenshot of when Roon says it cannot be found?

Based on your report it sounds like you may be seeing TIDAL collection albums. You can read more about those, and how to remove them, in our article here.


Hi, I have found a way to delete the albums which were Tidal Collection albums thanks to the article you pointed me too. Problem solved, so thank you. I am enjoying Roon very much…keep up the great work.


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