Deleting tracks removes entire album

I can’t work out how to delete part of a Tidal album from my Roon library. For example, I only want discs 1 and 2 from The Beatles remastered White Album, so I add the album to my library, which has 6 discs. I go to disc 3, select all the tracks (it shows 27 selected at the top of the screen), click edit, then click Delete Tracks. Roon brings up a list of the 27 tracks. I click the Delete 27 tracks button, confirm my actions, then Yes. It then removes the entire album and goes to “This album was not found”.

Any help would be appreciated.

Our integration with TIDAL (and Qobuz) is based on “favorites” in both apps.

If you mark a track or album as a favorite in either service, it will be synced to your Roon library, and if you delete it in Roon it will be “unfavorited” in the service.

If you added an album to Roon, telling Roon to delete that favorite from the service means we’ll “unfavorite” the album – there’s no way for us to cleanly delete a track from that album since the track was never marked as a favorite.

The only options here are really to favorite the tracks you do want, or to use the “hide” feature in Roon. Note also that you can multi-select tracks and add to library.

Sorry we don’t have a better option at the moment.

That option is great, thank you for your super-fast reply. It’s not often I would like to use it, but it is useful when you want to preserve the tracks of an original album, but use the remastered version, which invariably comes with additional ones.

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