Denafrips Pontus II Audio Artifacts

Yes. You may also set MQA Capabilities for Lumin to be Renderer Only, see if it sounds better for MQA content (if you have a Tidal subscription).

Please turn off Roon DSP Engine (thereby disabling any sample rate conversion), and continue to test with USB more.

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Thanks, I did turn it off. I can safely confirm there’s no issue with USB.

I’ve also been testing the other coaxial input with a CD and can also confirm there’s an issue with this input too which means we can at times hear audio artifacts. This confirms either there’s in fact an issue with both coaxial inputs on the Pontus 2 DAC or/and these inputs have not been fully tested by Denafrips.

Next step, I’ll try if I can use any of the other digital inputs i.e. OPT, I2S.

To be honest I am a little disappointed this is happening on this high end DAC, I’ll try a few more things before I return it.


I assume you have tried two different coaxial cable already? If not, please do. The cable should also have a length of no less than 1.5m.

When testing the coaxial input, keep only one input connected (instead of two: BNC + coax).

Another thing to try is to move the DAC physically away from everything else as far as possible, as far as the cables allowed, in order to minimize potential interference from other equipment.

Yes I did.

Hello Pontus II owners. Just wanted to close this post by saying the main issue of the audio artefacts I experienced is due to a faulty DSP board. This was replaced by Vinshine Audio recently and I am currently re-burning it in for 100 hours. What’s interesting is the DSP board seems to be upgraded. The FPGA module is the same, with slight component tune for better output performance.

So what have we learnt from this? Well to be honest, I am one of the unlucky ones with a faulty hardware… why it happened? Guess we’ll never know.

Old and new DPS board:

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