Denon 8500H Receiver is now Roon Tested - Still no native DSD support via HDMI

Yea, my denon 8500h receiver is listed. Went into settings - audio - HDMI device setup and used identify this device. Denon was there as was the 8500H. So now it is identified.

Anyone know what difference that makes?

I still don’t have the option for native DSD with the HDMI connection from Nuc/Rock. The receiver does decode DSD from SACD’s on the OPPO player over HDMI.

AFAIK this is a DRM/copy protection related issue that also affects other generic hardware platforms used as AV-players.

Hallo, Is there now a native option for DSD over HDMI? I also have the Denon AVC-X8500H and DSD can only be converted to PCM.

No, you cannot do native DSD over HDMI from a computer / ROCK.