Denon CEOL DLNA renderers only recognized as Airplay devices

Hello team. I have several Denon mini Hi-Fi CEOL’s in the house (2 N4 Piccolo and 1 N9). JRiver recognizes them as UPNP renderers and streams in bit perfect hi-rez to them. Roon only recognizes them as Airplay devices (which they are too). They work very well like that, but sadly, all files are converted back to 16bits, and then of course Airplay does whatever it does to music (compression, or other things Apple doesn’t tell us). Is there a way to have my Denon’s recognized as DLNA renderers? Many thanks!

Roon does not support DLNA and never will, its well documented on this forum as to why. There is two options though one that is free and may ot not work and one that you pay for.

  1. Free version.Run logitech media server and install the upnp brdge plugin by Phillipe 44. This will then make upnp devices show up as Squeezeboxes on the network to LMS itself and Roon. It can be fiddly to work and if you good with linux can run on its own without the server software,

2 Paid version. Sonore Upnp Bridge Sonore UPnP Bridge – Small Green Computer or you buy another of their devices to run it on. This works the same as the free version that it advertises upnp devices as squeezeboxes but it has all the phaff removed and may be more reliable.

Actually it’s crucial mistake.
Probably this was based on a fundamental misconception.
But no-one’s being forced to use Roon…

Sorry I don’t get your point ?

It’s only side note.

Many thanks for the answers. I naively thought Roon was DLNA as it worked perfectly with my Linn Majik DSM streamer, as a Network Device -so bit perfect- and not Airplay. I am really surprised Roon prefers to go the non bit perfect / compressed Airplay route as opposed to DLNA. What’s the point of having hi-res. capable devices then? I guess I should have investigated more before buying Roon. FYI the Sonore device seems to be out of stock, and though I have Logitech MS running on my iMac for a couple of squeezebox devices left in the house, I can’t find the said upnp bridge plug-in in the list.

Because Roon is based on their own streaming protocol called RAAT this is what Roon Ready devices support. They happen to support the other protocols such as Linn, airplay, Sonos and Chromecast, Squeezebox as a bonus that opens up the eco system and easier to support as they are fixed protocols only Airplay is not bitperfect the others all are. DLNA upnp is not as different vendors support different features or subsets of it so they are not made equal. If you read about why they don’t then it makes sense. Personally I never got upnp to work with all my devices. Roon does.

Make sure you running ver 7.9 of LMS the plugin it’s in the 3rd party plugins section by default.

You can contact sonore about their solution as it can run on any one of their devices.

JRiver (and all the others) managed to make the DLNA work without philosophizing to much on the subject, hence why I believe that coming from ROON it’s just plain ■■ attitude, nothing more nothing less.

Try harder! :slight_smile: It does on ROON ready devices only. So it does DLNA on compatible devices (way much more than ROON ready).

Believe me I tried. All I wanted was each device to play gapless. It never worked, the end. I tried several server software all the same some would others wouldn’t . As a result I ditched upnp and went squeezebox which worked without any messing about and then to Roon which allowed me to use my existing kit and and more.

If you want upnp stick with jrivee or whatever floats your boat as you won’t get it in Roon.

Well, that’s the real problem: I’m stuck with all of them (ROON, jRiver, Plex, Emby) at the same time since none of them does right what is supposed to do… And this is mostly (and sadly) because of their high ego attitudes.

What does Roon not do that you think it should then, upnp apart.

For starters go to the feature requests section. :slight_smile:

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Good things come to those that wait. Rome wasnt built in a day. :slight_smile:

You’re 100% right, but patience it’s one thing, the attitude another. If the Romans had chosen not to use stone because it was difficult to model, there will be no Rome today!

People interested in why Roon does not support DLNA will find pointers to various discussions in this thread.

Nah DLNA is poor, at best. I wouldn’t touch it again after the pain I had with various DLNA servers, renderers and control points that were just flaky, unresponsive and annoying. I’m glad I jumped ship to RAAT (with the odd Chromecast thrown in). Definitely wont be going back!

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