Denon Ceol (N-11) not detected Roon Tested

Bought a Denon Ceol N-11 for my son. Unfortunately, this is not recognized as ROON tested. Think that’s because Denon deposited the hardware name DENON CEOL. Unfortunately you cannot change this. At ROON this is called Denon CEOL N-10. Of course, the CREOL also works perfectly, but it’s a pity that it doesn’t appear under ROON Tested and takes over the icon from the CREOL.

Welcome to the Roon community, @Christian_Elbl.

If the 11 is comparable to the 10, try going to Device Settings > Devices Setup, and for audio device, does this give an option to identify the unit? If so, select the 10.

This is what I do with my 2Qute; selecting the Hugo.

Thank you for your support. Yes, 11 is comparable to 10. Unfortunately, nothing can be changed in the audio setup, that’s my problem. The CEOL is connected via Airplay2 and listed in ROON Other network devices.

Roon Tested and RAAT need to use a direct connection from your core, e.g., USB. How is it connecting? Also, please take a look at Settings > Audio. If it listed and enabled there?

so my contact to Denon Support Germany. Translate by Google:

our AVR’s, mini systems and amplifiers with HEOS built-in are all Roon tested. This means that you are recognized as a device by the Roon server and music can be played via Airplay protocol. This also applies to the N11DAB model.

What we don’t currently support is “Roon Ready”. Roon Ready uses a special audio protocol to transmit the music information over the network from the source to the player. At the moment we cannot estimate when this will be implemented.