Denon HEOS Amp as Roon endpoint?

Does anyone know if the Denon HEOS HS1 or HS2 will function as an endpoint? It’s not in the list of tested devises.

Sadly, no. HEOS is a closed system.

Only via Airplay.

There are some Denon components listed as Roon tested, like their powered speakers, most AVRs and some amps like the CEOL N-10. Are these in the same boat as the HEOS amp, connecting via airplay? How exactly does the Airplay connection work with Roon?

Roon tested devices tend to have USB DACs incorporated, but another way to introduce Roon is to use the AirPlay or Chromecast functionality and confirm that works OK. AirPlay is an Apple system that allows wireless or wired interconnection between suitably certified components. It has low bandwidth demands (44/16 in the original format) and that is the limitation in Roon. But it is solid, works well and gives Roon quite a big reach beyond Roon Ready devices.

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