Denon Heos - Roon Ready plans?

A friend of mine has just purchased a Heos 5 to listen to music in an apartment he is renting for a couple of years. He asked my view about various things and at the risk of going further in I am thinking of suggesting he get another so he can group them as a stereo pair.

He was interested in Roon when I demonstrated it to him, but I can’t see any sensible way of connecting until and unless Denon make the Heos Roon Ready. A Raspberry Pi with WiFi and a DAC HAT could feed into the Aux connection, but that felt like an awkward thing to do.

Anything publicly known about Denon’s plans regarding Roon and Heos ? I couldn’t see any mention of it on a quick online search.

This is a bit of an end around, but I am actually using a single HEOS 5 with my iMac desktop. I am cabled USB out to a Cambridge Audio DAC Magic (for my headphone listening) and the analog out of the DAC is hard wired to a single HEOS 5. You might be able to get it to function through the headphones out jack as well. I can also zone a second set of desktop powered speakers through Roon which play simultaneously. The music is accessed through the Heos 5 Aux in and you have to press the “play arrow” for it to play. Unfortunately, you have to have a tablet or phone handy since there isn’t a desktop app for Heos at the present. Hope that helps.

Most of the companies I mention Roon to don’t want to discuss future plans. Just went through this with Deezer & Bluesound.

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I can’t speak for Denon, but I did chat to Bluesound at Munich’s HighEnd show last week, and apparently Roon is “on the roadmap”. That’s an open ended answer, I know.

I contacted Bluesound support and got a more veiled answer, but it’s great that they are considering it.

Hi andybob…let your friend know is clearancing the HEOS 5 for $249 ($150 off) Just got an email advising of the sale price.

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Has there been any further discussions with Denon to get Heos Roon Ready?

Is this even ever likely to happen or should I look for another solution?