DEQX Processor in Roon signal path

Why does the DEQX processor show up as a white light in the signal path even when no processing is being performed? I haven’t implemented any calibration/DSP. Not a big deal, just curious.

Edit for clarity:

I think that because the DEQX could be doing some kind of processing and Roon can’t know if it is or what it might doing, Roon just gives it the enhanced light because it can’t confirm that the DEQX is keeping everything lossless. I think the same holds true for Oppos, maybe other devices.

Hi Brice, the volume levelling step itself (shown in the path) is DSP.

If you turn off volume levelling (just to test) does the light then change?

I knew someone was going to ask about the volume leveling haha. Can’t blame you for asking. If I turn the volume leveling off, the DEQX processor still presents the white light, which keeps the signal chain from being purple from end to end. Not that it really matters. I mean, I do intend to use the DEQX’s DSP. That why I bought it. I was just curious about that step in the chain when no DSP is used. I like that Roon aims for transparency with that signal path feature.

Haha no problem. Because it’s partly the answer to your question (since volume levelling is DSP). The other part is per Rugby’s reply above too.

Great to hear you found the solution. Roon’s volume levelling is very good (transparent) and DEQX is obviously really good too.

I didn’t see this in the product manual, but I did read in the Stereophile review of the DEQX PreMate that even when set in pass-through, the processor is in the signal path…it’s just set to not alter the signal. So that explains the white light in Roon’s signal path.