Desktop app, leave open or close?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
I’m new to Roon, conducting 14 day trail. Should I leave the desktop app open 24/7?

Welcome to the Roon Community @Douglas_Korzyniewski!
If you are running Roon ‘all in one’ (it is both the core and the user interface for that computer) it’s best to leave it on 24/7. You’ll have fastest boot up time.
If your library is pretty small, or the core is running on another computer and the Roon app you’re referring to is being used as a remote, you can turn it off when you aren’t using it.
You’ll know if the boot up time is unacceptable by your own experience.

Thank you for the quick response. A couple more questions please…
-Is the Bluesound Powernode Roon Ready?
-Is there a sales phone number I could call to better explain/understand the Nucleus?

I’m just a user like you, not a Roon Employee. So I can’t speak for them.
I’ll ping the Accounts people (@accounts) who may be able to give you more about the Nucleus.

As for the Bluesound Powernode, all RoonReady partners and their RoonReady devices are listed here. It looks like it is RoonReady. I have a BlueSound Pulse at home and it works great.

It is a pre setup fanless Intel NUC based computer. It runs their Roon OS which is a modified Linux and is locked down so nothing else can run on it. The Nucleus also has the extension for Control 4 integration. A plug and play setup.

Alternatively, you can get your own Intel NUC, download the ROON OS image, also known as ROCK, and put it together / set it up yourself. Good for those like to DIY and/or those who want to save money.

Also, alternatively, you could use any Mac or Windows PC and load Roon or RoonServer on it.

A really good starting place is to understand the Roon architecture:

Like Scott, I am a fellow helpful user. Roon does not have a direct sales number to call as far as I know; I believe their sales are handled by dealers or via sites like Amazon.

There’s more information about the design and rationale of the Nucleus in the Whitepaper that Roon Labs produced a few years back.

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Hi @Douglas_Korzyniewski,

Thanks for reaching out and giving Roon a try! This is Rebeka with accounts and I’d love to help.

It looks like @grossmsj, @Rugby and @Geoff_Coupe covered great information. Thanks everyone!

If you still wanted to get in touch with someone about the Nucleus specifically, I’d be happy to connect you. Could you please send a message with your questions via our contact form?


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Hi Rebeka I just purchased the Nucleus. How do I set up the nucleus to find my music file(s) on my pc

@beka is in a different department than tech support, but as a user I can help you…

  1. Set up the music folder on your PC to be Shared.
  2. In Roon’s Settings==>Storage==>Add Folder==>Add Network Share reference the Shared folder
  3. Have fun

sorry to ask this but how do you set up music folder on pc to be shared?

If it is a Windows PC then, right click on the folder, select Properties, Share Tab, Select Share. Note the Network Path, copy that and then follow #2 in Slim’s post above.

Although, I have found it is a better experience if the music is local to the server. I use a external USB drive. You can get one one, and copy your music to a folder on it, and then plug it into the Nucleus. Then add that folder in Storage under settings.

Hey @Douglas_Korzyniewski,

This is Rebeka with accounts and I’m joining in on the conversation to help, if I still can. It looks like our subscribers are prompt and happy to share very helpful info. Thanks @Jim_F, @xxx and @Rugby.

Congrats on your recent purchase - we do think the Nucleus is the best way to experience Roon. It may help to take a look at the Nucleus Manual, particularly this article:

Please, let me know if anything else comes up,

Hi Rebeka,

I hope this finds you well. I have another question with regards to using an external DAC. I have the Nucleus attached to a Hegel H90 via USB. I would like at add a Questyle DAC (model CMA400i). I tried using the usb out of the Nucleus into the Questyle but when I go into settings (audio), I cannot find the unit to “enable.” I was then going to hook the Questyle into the Hegel via interconnects to take advantage of the DAC in the Questyle. Please advise if the questyle is not compatible with the Nucleus. Thanks and have a nice day

I don’t see any obvious reason why the CMA400i would not work with the Nucleus, although I generally recommend against connecting a DAC to Core for sound quality reasons.

Perhaps try a different USB cable and be sure to switch the DAC on. Roon won’t find the DAC unless it’s powered on.

Hey @Douglas_Korzyniewski,

Thanks for continuing our conversation on community. While I can help with account related questions, technical ones such as the one regarding your setup, are best addressed here, on our community.

Roon subscribers, like @David_Snyder (by the way, thanks a bunch for stepping int), can help with your questions. If you feel that things aren’t working as they should and need our technical team’s help, please, follow the instructions here to post a request:

Thanks a lot,

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Thanks David. To be clear, I am trying to bypass the DAC in the Hegel and use the DAC in the Questcore.

Sure. Assuming your Hegal has analog inputs and does not perform an analog-to-digital conversion to analog inputs, this should be possible.

Were you able to try a different USB cable between Nucleus and Questcore? Did you re-test with the Questcore switched on?

You might need to check with Questyle to see if they support ALSA (communication protocol for Linux based boxes like Nucleus). I see they have all kinds of Windows drivers and support macOS. But there is no mention of Linux support. That alone, isn’t unusual.
Many/most DACs get along fine with ALSA, but some require Windows drivers or macOS.
There is this on Roon :pensive:Nucleus and Questyle CMA-600i issue