Devialet 220 Discussion

I’ve got a 220 pro, the 250 looks like a nice step up, hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.

I was just re configuring mine last night, with Roon I only use a Roon Ready connection, but I setup 3 connections via JRiver, AIR, USB & UPnP, all work and sound great but for some reason I like the Roon Ready connection the best.

I also have a 220 pro and love it. It got much better when I bought new Focal speakers.

Recently, I have linked it up to my PC via cheap Cat8 ethernet cables and always use Roon Ready. Other methods may be better but why change something that sounds perfect?

I have now brought a new TV into the system, which operates as a monitor but also does so much more and I’m about to test out 4K Blu-rays. My latest acquisitions have been Audioquest Cinnamon HDMI cables and a Carbon optical lead.

I might just be trying to persuade myself that the investments are worthwhile but I am definitely noticing improved sound quality all round.

Thanks again for your contribution to the project.

which Focal’s do you have and are you using SAM, I have a set of Thiel CS2.4s that I’ve used for years and love em, but they do not have a SAM profile, so I’ve been interested in a new set of speakers that have a SAM profile, I picked up a set of KEF LS50s for my bedroom, and they have a SAM profile so I decided to try them out on my 220, and they were OK, nothing outstanding and not as good as my Thiels, but then I turned on SAM and was destroyed, they have now replaced my Thiels.

So if those little LS50s can sound this good, I keep asking myself, what about some Focals or Blade 2s, either way I’m happy right now.

I have been reading this thread with great interest, as I have been having drop-outs and lost connections followed by a bunch of random trial and error steps to reconnect etc…
I have the 220pro, trying to use RAAT with Core on a NUC via ethernet. I have Wifi enabled as a fall-back for when ethernet craps out. Next I will do some tests with wifi disabled in the config. Thanks for the tip.
Love my 220 with SAM for my Marten Django XL otherwise. All I need is a stable RAAT connection to be happy :slight_smile:

wow, lots of 220 owners, this is great. For my env i have a Netgear X10 Router and S8 Switch, with my 8i3 Nuc and 220 both connected to the X10 router and string everything else off my S8 Switch.

I had heard about turning off WiFi in the Devialet Config a couple of years ago, which put that problem to bed. One other item I recall that can clear up issues is on your Lan/Router, is use DHCP for addressing as opposed to trying to HardCode addresses or mix them. I also have a 2nd router used as an Access Point on the other side of the house, I’ve had problems if you try to mix things up, thus I tie all my Music off my main X10 router.

On my Nuc I have a 2TB SSD installed for my music and BIOS wise, I turned off everything except for Ethernet. Likewise in Roon under Settings -> Audio, I Disabled everything but the actual Zones I use daily. Once I turned everything off on my NUC, it cleared up a bunch of unused zones, so that’s another item to play with, if you can turn off or disable connections that you never use, thus cleaning up your Zone infrastructure.

I don’t want to say any of the above items is a must, it’s just the idea of getting anything and everything out of the picture that can somehow cause issues. Hopefully you can eliminate any dropouts, as I normaly play Qobuz all day long with no issues, but yes, every once in a while I have a hicup, no biggie, just re-try and it’s great. O and the other item is on both my Router and my NUC Config I have set as the DNS, this is a biggie as most ISPs have horrible DNS response.

It is great to have joined the 220 Pro fan club.

Previously I have had to use WiFi but wired seems a big improvement, now that the dropout problem seems to have been resolved. Like you, I have stripped everything back wherever possible. I do use a single mini-PC to hold music and also as a Roon Core (as well as for other limited purposes such as movie watching via HDMI, which hasn’t obviously been an issue.

I have Sopra N2 speakers with SAM turned on. They are a joy. I also use a B&W Formation Wedge wirelessly and although that cannot compare it is great for the money.

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Looking for sample music for Critical Listening analysis, I want to run some tests to compare the various inputs on my 220 to compare JRiver using AIR, USB & UPnP vs Roon RAAT/AIR via Ethernet.

Now that I have Qobuz and Tidal with Hi Def, 192kHz 24bit music available, does anyone have any recommended Music to use for critical listening?

When I was going through the process of buying new speakers, I put together the following playlist. Most of these are available in 24/96 and provide a wide variety and an enjoyable, repeatable listening experience.

Schubert Complete Trios (Trio number one third movement) - Beaux Arts Trio

Beethoven Ninth Symphony (first and last movements) - Gustavo Dudamel and Simon Bolívar Symphony

(Alternatively, or additionally

Beethoven Fifth Symphony (first movement) - Carlos Kleiber and Vienna Philharmonic)

Blue Moon Revisited (The Trinity Session) – Cowboy Junkies

Romeo and Juliet (Making Movies or Best Of) – Dire Straits

Coney Island Baby (Coney Island Baby) – Lou Reed

Candy’s Room (Darkness on the Edge of Town) – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

If you want something even louder,

Paradise by the Dashboard Light (Bat Out Of Hell) – Meat Loaf

Unless you are a big jazz fan, 24/192 is still really hard to find but you might like to sample something from Crime of the Century by Supertramp, Turn up the Quiet by Diana Krall or Come Away with Me by Norah Jones?

Have fun

Try InFiné #Explorer 1, 2 and 3 on Qobuz. There are multiple tracks very good for system test.

I now have a problem, as the Qobuz 24/192 Crime of the Century is dropping out every few seconds. If anyone can suggest a simple fix, that would be welcome. Internet speed is c. 50 Mbps, if that is relevant.

Do you have your DNS set to something other than your ISPs: both in my Router and my NUC Config I have set as the DNS

Thanks for the Suggestions, I’ll have to explore all those, I am a big Jazz fan and love Crime of the Century - Rudy is an all time Fav.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’m a big Ambient Fan, but how odd, I can’t find those on Roon, even though I have both Qobuz & Tidal, I went over to the Qobuz App and did find all 3.

Just before sending this I tried again and found Introducing InFine, and then by using the suggestions list, I found 2 and 3, but still can’t find 1, how odd is Roon.

Thanks, I’ll check them out this weekend.

I’m really enjoying this right now: