Devialet 220 no longer powers off automatically

I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this or if it was just my problem. But my Devialet no longer goes to sleep mode automatically. I was thinking it might be a Roon thing since there hasn’t been a Devialet firmware upgrade in two years, I haven’t changed my configuration and I doubt the configuration I have is corrupted as it’s protected by a checksum.

Is it just my device going crazy or is anyone else having their Devialet on for no reason?

Hi - I have noticed that my Original d’Atelier appears to power-up on its own from time to time. I can’t figure out if it’s related to Roon or not. I changed the batteries in the remote (they were 6 years old!) but it still happens from time to time. I first noticed this about 3 months ago now. Weird.

Devialet goes to sleep mode automatically if Roon Core is turned off (computer turned off, not just Roon Core turned off)?

How exactly is the Devialet connected to the Roon Core (USB, network, etc.)?
Apart from Roon Core, do you have other active connections / audio inputs to Devialet?

Yeah I don’t turn off my Roon Core, never have. I’m running Core on my NAS and it is on 24/7. The connection isn’t active though as I’ve connected to the Core via ethernet and there should be nothing happening when I’m not streaming. Or is there? At least previously in current setup Devialet would go to sleep as expected.

I have only my turntable connected to Devialet (phono in) in addition to the ethernet cable and there is no signal coming, nor is the input selected.

My old D200 still goes to sleep on its own

I’ve used the same configuration on my 440 pro’s for the past 4 years. My amps still go into standby after the designated period.

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Thanks, so maybe it’s a local problem. Will need to investigate further.

I noticed the same problem with my 250 pro this morning. Did you ever find a resolution?

Do you have an Apple TV nearby? May be related to this: