Devialet AIR implementation lacking information

As stated here

the Devialet AIR integration should be displaying the correct signal path. Though it’s not showing for example if SAM is on/off.

Not sure about Devialet Air, but it does show with Devialet RAAT:

Yes it shows with RAAT but not (as is the title of the thread) in AIR mode.

This is what I see over Devialet Air:

It would seem only the SAM info is missing. Not sure why.

Thanks for checking / confirming.
@support Any idea when this will be fixed?

On Experts Roon will display everything. When the CI board (and RAAT) was introduced this changed. I know because I was using AIR on my 250 until the CI board was installed.
Maybe Roon decided to ‘reduce’ the info shown using AIR to make RAAT look better. Maybe the new AIR implementation Devialet did on the CI board fails to inform Roon on signal path elements. Difficult to know what’s correct here. Some kind of statement from Roon would help. I doubt Devialet will comment on this…

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I guess @danny might be able to provide an insight into this.

We don’t know if SAM is on or off when we stream via AIR.

We do know about SAM when we stream via RAAT because we required it as part of Roon Ready certification.

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Oh I see. Is it possible to add it also via AIR anytime soon? The thing is, a number of user within the Devialet prefer the AIR method rather than RAAT (which is very interesting - as both are bit-perfect but somehow Devialet seems to deliver it differently. Do you have any idea what could be the reason for this?)

No. While I don’t know what’s going on at Devialet, as an outsider here, I’d wager a guess that not a lot is happening in regards to AIR. I don’t know anything though, so be sure to take that as my opinion/guess.

We don’t know what’s going on within the AIR driver completely, but it’s pretty clear that the AIR protocol is not always lossless:

Maybe they are prefer the “fixed output” mode where the data is lossy? I’m not sure why they prefer AIR.

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