Devialet Air now only bit perfect up to 96/24?

A lot of older albums are at 192/24 on Qobuz and I noticed that I get green (high quality) on signal path for these, and purple (bit perfect) on 96/24. Checked the setting and it looks OK on unit and DSP.
RAAT is OK for all up to 192/24 and I think Air also used to be like this on older version?
Is there a change in roon or is the problem with me and my unit?

Edit: using an Expert 220.


are you using Wi-Fi? Devialet have a different method for Wi-Fi above 24/96. I thought it was still bit perfect but the clock is controlled by the pc rather than the Devialet.

Wired Ethernet should be fine up to 24/192 and if you have the pro model, Roon RAAT should be fine over both wired and wireless.

I hope that helps.



Thanks Chis.
I’ve missed that about Air and wifi, and yes it’s bit perfect when I tested on Ethernet now.
Just got a new wireless router from my ISP and removed my Asus AC2900, I can now for the fist time play 192/24 on my 220 pro without any issues, but still problem over Ethernet.

If I understood you correct Air uses the internal clock on the 220 with Air up to 96/24 and over it uses the clock from the PC, in my case a NUC with ROCK. I probably can’t hear any difference between 96 and 192, just wanted to test the new router and noticed the green signal path.

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Yes, I think that’s how it works, Asynchronous 24/96 and below and Isynchronous above that.

Like you, I doubt I could hear the difference but these things make you paranoid and it’s a bit mad to spend a lot of money on hifi and not get the best out of it!



Yes, but and I get a little annoyed that my $50 RPi2 kan handle this without any issues and not my $15K 440 Pro (2 x220). :slight_smile: