Devialet AIR streaming released!

I agree with you, I wouldn’t want anyone else on my network using Roon to inadvertently damage my speakers

Excellent work, integration surpassed my expectations! Devialet + Roon this way now makes for an easy recommendation to others. Who knows a Phantom integration is also possible some day, which I’m sure is benificial for all parties.

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Great news. Well done, Enno & co. Looking forward to trying w my Expert 400.

Fantastic news! Sadly I’m going to be in a different country to my main Devialet rig for a while, but I’m sure this will be up to the development standards we’ve come to expect!

This is not only a great technical achievement, but obviously one of diplomacy & negotiation.

I’d actually given up on Air after still getting the occasional dropout streaming from my old MacMini Roon core, looking forward to giving this a spin next time I’m back in the UK with my new Rock setup.

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I know what you mean - for probably about a year or so I kept thinking I could hear crackles in playback - very unsettling especially since I listen to electronic music with deliberate crackles. I thought I might need counselling at one point :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, I think you’ll be safe here. Haven’t experienced anything yet and don’t expect to. But even if anyone did, I’m confident Roon would fix it pronto - that’s the big difference.

The nice people at Devialet stand to make great strides in customer satisfaction if they keep the even nicer people at Roon close at hand. IMO we have opposite ends of the spectrum represented by the two companies, when it comes to customer engagement and customer support.

Much as a big part of me wanted to spring for the Pro upgrade last year, my confidence in Devialet was just too weak to reward them with even more of my hard earned money. Any time I started to falter, I just had to glance at the seething frustration on the Devialet Chat forum.

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I agree about taming the top end. I have a 1000Pro and always thought it was just a bit too ‘clean’ in the top, but with this new update from Roon that seems to have gone (only got a chance to listen to my music for 1/2 hour last night, but even that seemed enough to convince me).

Only issue I have is that some times there seems to be a small amount of crackle in the background music. Only intermittent, and on occasions not sure if I’m just hearing things, but do think there is some intermittent crackling there.

Well done Roon guys what a fantastic bonus for us Expert owners (also thanks to Devialet who did eventually come to the party). Very happy lifetime Roon’er here :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Well done, Roon! This is what many of us Devialet owners have been waiting for. A means of streaming with no driver intermediaries with a functional and attractive interface. Thank you!

You’ve done a fantastic job. Love it.

Fantastic effort guys! Faultless installation and setup, and now, finally, my Original d’Atelier and Roon feel as if they are part of the same family. My lifetime sub 2 years ago was the best value I ever got from this hobby! Thanks a million.

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Dear Roon team,

You guys are just awesome. You just gave me a feature worth Christmas, Easter, and birthday presents for the next decades.

Just tested it with Ethernet connection and it worked flawlessly out of the box.

Also, it renders my current workaround solution obsolete as I was using a combination of Tasker, an IP to Serial device (100€) and some code just to automatically run the amp and roon automatically instead of starting different apps.

Just undescribably awesome what you did here for us Devialet expert owners.

Thanks again

Think the whole Devialet Community will embrace the Roon software and appreciate its features and convenience.

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I installed the update, and afterwards I found out that the Devialet now could be driven directly by Roon.

It is working great !!!. I allways used an MC200 as an endpoint, but this is sounding much better.

Thanks I hope it keeps on working, I read on the forum that there can be problems, but so far I noticed none.

Thanks again, Roon is really great software !!!

Wow!! Thanks guys - this integration is fantastic, was blown away with this update - the volume control, nice touch. Keep up the great work guys - I am always so impressed what you guys do in the R&D dept with limited resources and keep Roon at the forefront in terms of audio integration with so many third parties in terms of hardware out there! Again excellent work from the team at Roon.

Hi guys at Roon: Great job here! Now for the first time anyone with a Devialet amp can enjoy the full potential, even when they not happen to have a Windows computer. And of course with Windows many problems will disappear!

In the information display on the sound path it still says Air… To me that is the understatement of the year if not the decade! Please native English guys help me out: What is the air equivalent in big-bigger-best? :slight_smile:

Please bear in mind that the next part in this post is purely speculation from my side
but one can always hope

Devialet en Roon have been cooperating in realizing the Roon Air implementation, we more or less got that confirmed.
The advantage for Roon is obvious here, even if at the time the Devialet streamer board eventually appears its significance will diminish somewhat. Somehow that board looks less interesting at this moment, but:
What is in it for Devialet? Could it be support from Roon for the firm/software for this board?

That would mean a board where the hardware is created by some of the best in audio hardware
With software created by some of the best in audio software
That might result in a combination made in audio heaven :slight_smile:


Whomever put in the effort and hard work for getting this integration sorted out … I have no words to thank you.

If ever anyone from Roon and Devialet end up on South African shores, you have a standing invite for dinner and plenty of wine :wink:

The board adds more processing power to the Devialet, meaning even we at Roon can do more with it.

AIR support in Roon gives Devialet customers what they want… and Roon would really like the board to be Roon Ready. In that case, Roon users will want the board even if you already have AIR.

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This also answers the point I raised at Devialet 'RoonReady' - or not as things stand at the moment

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Yup, that about sums me up. Hoping Devialet don’t make us badger them for another year… not sure I’ve got the energy…:sleeping:

we won’t:wink:

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