Devialet AIR streaming released!

A big thank you to the Roon team: the integration of Devialet AIR is both visually pleasing and technically sound.

However, I do experience a few cracks and noises in the playback which I don’t have when using the AIR driver on the Mac Mini hosting the RoonServer thread.

For the moment, I reverted to the previous Roon > AIR driver > Ethernet configuration, waiting for a software update before giving this feature another try.

Best regards,


Yoahan, I see you made a comment recently on the Devialet support system. So, I assume you’re a Devialet employee?

If so, firstly thanks for your efforts in trying to interact with us. Can you say any more?

Sounds more and more interesting. Using a Linn Akurate DS at the moment to stream from my NAS and Qobuz Sublime to my Devialet Expert 400 might steer me towards trying Roon. I was thinking about buying an Aurender N10 for even better sound quality than the Linn, but not so sure anymore.

What would I need to get Roon working? I just have a NAS running Minimserver, the Devialet and the Linn in my setup right now.

Check out the KB for Roon capable NASes. Unless you get lucky, you just need any computer capable of running Roon - i.e. A win/Mac/Linux box.

Thanks Steve. My MacBook pro doesn’t have a network connection. Just wifi, but will try it out to see if it works. Not sure what the Infinity Core will add anymore if this works out except for maybe Qobuz integration which is a big thing for me.

Start with wifi but just bear in mind that with Roon the ‘Core’ has to pull from your NAS and send to the Devialet, so it may stress your wifi. If it works at least you can see if you like it. If not, just grab a cheap USB/Ethernet dongle.

Things could get quite confusing. We now have Devialet AIR (what we’re used to calling the AIR virtual soundcard thingy), and Roon’s AIR (or is it Roon’s Devialet AIR?). Plus the brain of the Roon setup is ‘the Core’ and now Devialets new streamerboard is called the ‘Core Infinity’. Perhaps there’s something they’re not telling us! :grin:

Good of Devialet and Roon to give us a few months to experiment. I think I will wait until the holidays to activate the trial period. Need to read up a lot before I try. Bit dazzled at the moment.

Hi Steve,

it is not quite company policy to communicate here, or at all in any sort of community, so for the moment I will keep it that way and i’ll try to change it.

All i can say is we are working on many exiting projects at the moment, can’t wait to announce them when time due.


Well, yes, we had gathered! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Definitely time for a change - and Roon and the Core Infinity are the perfect opportunity to do it. I can’t tell you how welcome it would be, by the whole Devialet community - we’ve got so many questions to ask and a lot of excitement about Devialet tech to share.

Anyway, bearing in mind your limitations, many thanks for letting us know you exist Yaohan, and that you care. It makes a real difference to see a more human side to Devialet.

Looking forward to the future, where hopefully we can chat with you guys more openly, and vice versa. Meanwhile, enjoying the Roon/AIR integration.


You should jump right in and try! It’s tons of fun you are just spending 4 months not having… If you need more trial time, I’m sure we can arrange something, but I have a feeling you will be having a blast by the time your trial ends.

Hey mate - my personal experience with Devialet has been rather good - I attribute the service to people like Ming in your Paris office who was an excellent advocate for me during the upgrade process -contrary to the widely held view of Devialet’s not so attentive customer service - My experience
with Devialet has been very satisfying. I am very glad that you are taking an interest with the Roon community and I hope to see further integration between Devialet and Roon - like the Air integration - that is excellent example of how such an initiative driven by the Roon guys with assistance from your team can enhance the experience of Devialet listeners. I hope you stick around and we would love to see your contributions/ views about future initiatives.

Would love to. Think it will not work as it is meant to, as I don’t yet have the required computer to run Roon on. My laptop only has wifi. Bandwith will be a problem there. Or could I run it on my old pc running Windows 10? I am a real beginner with Roon and no computer wizzkid. Reading all I can in the community to see if I will manage.

Would be a shame when my setup will not sound right just because I don’t have the stuff to run it right.

Thank You Thank You Roon guys. It works like a charm with my D400. Now I can retire my Bryston BDP-1. One less piece of hardware :slight_smile:

As a Expert 200 user, (non-pro), I am also wondering should I upgrade to Pro for the OS Streamer Board (plus other slight hardware upgrades)?
Let’s say I don’t need multi-room/zone sync at all, is there any advantage for RAAT RoonReady Certify Streaming board vs existing Roon+AIR implementation?

It shows “Bit-Perfect Asynchronous” now, if RAAT protocol is used, would that be “more than perfect”? :sweat_smile:

No, but AIR is using UDP (User Datagram Protocol). Roon RAAT changed to using TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) recently. The ‘Control’ is important here as TCP can re-transmit packets that are lost while UDP doesn’t. In other words; TCP is more robust.
The 220 Pro is a better amplifier than the 200 (most users agree here and my 250Pro is clearly better than the old 250) so if the cost of upgrading does not scare you, go for it! No one can say anything about how the new Core Infinity board sounds. If/when it has RAAT on board it will sound as good or better than today’s AIR.


Thanks for your detailed explanation.
I will wait and see how the Infinity board is, it would be easier for me to send it in for upgrade in one shot. :thumbsup:

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I have zero problems with AIR (Devialet and RoonAIR), very happy with the latest Roon update.

My setup:
Devialet Le 1000 PRO, Jamo R907 speakers, Audioquest NRG-10 powercords, Intel NUC7 i5 + sBooster powersupply, wired network with AQVOX lan swich, Roon ROCK + Roon AIR, Roon 1.3 LT.

Funny enough when I was using my Bryston BDP-1 as a Roon endpoint (RAAT) I was experiencing drop outs and skips to the next song now and then. Now that Roon streams directly to my D400 I haven’t seen that problem. I wonder whether this was due to Bryston’s RAAT implementation or some other problem.