Not a first, but eventually got crackles in Devialet AIR integration

Very nice that Devaliet work together with Roon, and now AIR streaming direct from Roon. Waiting for what more to come:-) From both Roon and Devaliet.
But now AIR is more unstable than before. After playing for some time (many hours) the music start crackeling and dropouts. Then restarting music seems to work for a short time, and after that I need to restart Roon. I tried once restart Devaliet from Roon, but the problem came gradually back. Before this update AIR worked very stable and nice.
I have 220Pro, MacMini 2012 quad core with SSD and max RAM and use ethernet cable. AIR is turned off and “not always stream” but not deleted on my MacMini.

Yes, I’m sorry to say last night I had a few crackles/dropouts with Roon AIR for the first time.

Only four or 5 times in an hour and then it never reoccurred. I had a few other sticky aspects with my digiOne zone also so restarted my Core. Keeping an eye on it today… so far it’s ok.

If it happens again I’ll experiment with buffers, and check logs.

The old familiar twitchiness of the Devialet owner - Now we have a name for the condition that affected Herbert Lom playing Chief Inspector Dreyfuss, “Devialetitis”.

wifi or ethernet, what switch/router?

I have been using Expert 200 with ROCK on AIR integration for about two weeks.
I have disconnection and also static crackles while my ROCK unit (NUC7i7BHN) is doing its first library build and Audio Analysis.
I haven’t heard crackles since that two process were completed. (knock on wood)

I have ethernet gigabit connection with music stored on a NAS
Have you tried un-installed AIR driver on your Mac?

Hi @Morten ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are appreciated.

To “piggy back” a bit, on Danny’s post. If you can provide us with the details of how the 22Pro is communicating with your network and all the devices involved (i.e router, switches, etc) it will help aide in our evaluation of this behavior you’ve reported :sunglasses:


Just increasing buffer size solves that most of the time

I’m very happy the Roon integration in the Devialet Expert has arrived, hopefully the Phantoms will receive some Roon goodness too. Unlikely, I know…

However, I do notice some occasional crackling and dropouts when playing certain tracks. I haven’t had the time to make a good eval to see if it’s linked to bit depth or other track characteristics. Before I used Air, and since the last version I was quite satisfied with this setup.

For reference’s sake, Roon Core is on an iMac late 2013 with SSD and 24 GB’s of mem, playing on an Expert 200. Both are wired into the netwerk. There’s two switches in-between, even though the physical distance is only a few meters, because this is (also) a testing environment.

Devialet owners just cannot get a 100% win with any Air implementations and fixes. Obviously there is something inheretly wrong with it. It’s been a struggle for almost 4 years now?

Hi @Jamie_Biesemans ----- Thank you for the feedback and more importantly your patience while we have been discussing the next steps in terms of addressing this “crackling” issue during playback.

Moving forward, if you are still making this observation I’d like to collect some logs for analysis, as per the request of our tech team. May kindly ask you to please perform the following:

  • Very Import - Please reproduce the issue and note the time when the observation is made.

  • Once the issue has been replicated and the time noted …. using the instructions found here, please upload us a set of logs from the device hosting your Roon core.


Hi @Eric glad to help, however I’m out of house for the next three weeks, after that I’m more than happy to undertake what you request. Nice to know you’re on it, in any case!

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In case you find it useful, I have solved all issues (knock on wood) with Air doing the following:

  • make sure the amp runs with the latest firmware, currently 10.1.0
  • Air driver disabled on the server (but no need to uninstall)
  • connection via Ethernet through a dedicated switch, a cheap basic one does the job. From the switch : one cable goes to the Devialet amp, one cable to the Roon Server, one cable to your main switch/router. Three cables in total.
  • disable all “green Ethernet” settings on your Ethernet adapter and switch.