Devialet Connected to NAS thro ETH or connected by iFi Micro DAC2

Hi I am new to Roon & generally to HiFi. Have the following set up .

Amp : Devialet 220
Speaker: Martin Logan Ethos

Previously using Sonos to access my iTunes files / playlists & also my Flac Files on WD NAS

Recently using Roon to access my iTunes Files & play lists and WD NAS files

Also have my Flac Files in a portable Drive which i can connect to my Mac Laptop

NAS connected thro Ethernet Cable to my Wifi Router & Devialet Connected through Ethernet Cable to my WiFi Router

I have recently purchased an iFi Micro DAC 2

Question on Playing Flac :

Which is technically a better setup & should sound better ?

  1. Devialet as connected above in ETH mode ( where it is using the ethernet cable to access the NAS flac files )
  2. iFi Connected to devialet thro Line in & the iFi itself connected thro USB to my MAC & Mac accessing the Flac Files from a portable Hard Drive

Would be thankful for your views

I would never use another DAC with a Dev, because the Dev redigitizes all analog inputs.