Devialet D200 has problem with latest Roon (build 416)

After upgrade to latest version of Roon, the playback is not stable, playback (44 / 16 bit) always stop at the last few sec of of the song, noise pop up frequently. Using ethernet connection.

As this is a support issue I’ve moved it to the support thread

Make sure you’ve either set the ethernet port to 100MB/s (at the data switch end, if possible) or switch to Wifi (if an option). There is currently a known issue with Devialet and 1Gb/s switch ports, and perhaps this is your issue.

Does this issues affect both Expert and Export Pro?

Hi @Stefan_Woll,

As other users have mentioned here we are currently investigating an issue with Devialet regarding the RAAT implementation (main thread here: Audio file loading slowly since Devialet RAAT).

The 100 mbps workaround mentioned is not meant to be a permanent solution but rather just a tool to see if this is the same behavior that we’re aware of and discussing with Devialet.

Thanks again for your report here and I’d definitely suggest keeping a close on on the main thread I mentioned for any new updates.

– Noris

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