Devialet Expert 200 + Roon + Tidal doesn't work

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

I think MacBook Pro running Catalina 10.15.3 (I just want to listen, I’m no computer expert)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Ethernet plugged into an Apple AirPort Extreme

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

2014 Devialet (expert) 200 with Ethernet connection

Description Of Issue

Due to a large home makeover I haven’t used my Devialet 200 for 2 years (used Devialet Phantoms instead). I also have a new MacBook Pro since the previous one crashed. So I wanted to download Devialet AIR like I used to. Not compatible. So started to try to find a solution. Had to install Roon I suppose (not happy, seems that I do not own my own hardware, at least, that’s how I feel). I managed to download it and made it connect to my Tidal account. I can make a playlist, I can add an album to my library but when I press play it goes “this track is not currently available from Tidal. Too many failures. Stopping playback.” Most of the time I can listen to live radio. So, I suppose all is well connected then? Devialet AIR worked fine for me. Now I have to pay for my account and can’t use it.
If this problem will be solved (I very much hope so) will I have to pay for the Roon account and the Tidal account? Is the sound quality at least the same?
(I don’t know if you’re familiar with a Devialet display but when the live radio starts to play “ethernet” on the display is shining brighter (as it should). When trying to stream any random album, “ethernet” will not shine brighter.
(is there a possibility to call, as I’m not a computer specialist? I’m afraid I will not be able to answer configuration questions (I’m sorry :slight_smile: )
I hope this will be solved very soon.
Many thanks.
Kindest regards


Welcome them to our community!

Driver from Devialet site is not required for Roon.
Which device are using in Roon: “Devialet AIR” or “AirPlay”?

If radio is working fine, then it may be problems when Roon is trying to connect to Tidal.
Apple AirPort Extreme can cause some problems (see here:

Can you play local files with no problem?

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What a quick response on a Sunday night!
I’m using via Devialet AIR.
I have no local files. I think the radio is also trough Tidal, no?


Radio has nothing to do with Tidal.
Some users has reported improvements for Tidal after changing DNS, switching router from internet provider DNS to Google DNS. Here is Google DNS, maybe it worth giving a try:

  • DNS 1:
  • DNS 1:

Thanks for responding. I’m sorry but this sounds far too technical for me. And some improvement doesn’t sound very hopeful. Do I contact Devialet and Tidal as well? Small chance that I’m the only one with this problem. It is difficult for me to understand why it’s not tested properly and why Devialet wants a third party in the process. Like this it’s possible to pass the problem to another party. I just want to use the (for me) expensive gear and listen to high res. music without stress like it should.
Sorry for the strong language.
Many thanks in advance.
Kindest regards

Hi @eric_stroobants,

Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you might be having issues reaching TIDAL’s servers from your Core. Can you confirm that local content works as expected without any issues? If you don’t have any local tracks, you can download a few from the 2L Test Bench (right click on the file size -> save as).

No succes I suppose. Or I did something wrong but now Roon says performer not found.

Hi @eric_stroobants,

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Are you trying to access one of the sample tracks you downloaded and that’s the one giving you the message of performer not found?

Hi @eric_stroobants,

If you press the main menu (hamburger-looking button) and go to Overview, do you see the new tracks listed there?

Hi Noris

No, I can see only the tracks I randomly took from Tidal (and won’t play).
Thanks for your effort so far. I hope we can fix this!

Hi @eric_stroobants,

It doesn’t look like you have any audio zones selected. Do you see your Devialet listed as an available zone in the Roon Settings -> Audio tab? Can you please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the Audio tab?

You are right. The Devialet wasn’t on when I took the screenshot. It makes no difference I think, it won’t play. I’m leaving for work now. I will make a new screenshot later!

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Hi @eric_stroobants,

Can you please confirm you are able to use the TIDAL web player ( with the same account you’re logged into Roon with?

Could it be that. I might have used another e-mailadres for Roon than for Tidal.

Tried a new account with same e-mailadres as Tidal. Same thing. Radio but no Tidal tracks or albums for example.

Or not…I downloaded Roon again but it seems to use the other e-mailadres still…

Did it again. It works!!! Thanks Noris!! Time to enjoy!!
Have a nice and save weekend!!!

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That’s fantastic news @eric_stroobants, you have yourself a nice weekend as well!