Devialet expert 230+Roon+ethernet

When running wireless everything works well but the phono input (ticks). Expert is telling me I am running Roon ready .
When running with ethernet cable I get problems. Sound comes and disapears. Roon tells me I am connected with Roon and ethernet cable. My Expert tells me I am connected with Air and not Roon. Also I get crashes and have to reconnect power cord on Expert. Should I change something in settings?
I am running from a Mac book pro with Roon. Latest firmware from Devialet.

There is a known problem with the phono input being sensitive to wireless activity, which results in a periodic ticking noise. I seem to remember there’s a setting in the configurator that tells the amp to disable the wireless interface when you’re using the phono input. That might be worth trying if the wireless network interface is working better for you than wired (an interesting and slightly surprising behaviour).

Yes there is a setting in the configurator but it does no longer work :frowning: I think this was a requirement for getting final spotfy approval.

No what now troubles me is that Roon seems to use/see the special Devialet Air ethernet connection instead of the Roon ethernet connection when my Mac is connected by ethernet. Maybe it is possible to disconnect Devialet Air totaly but do not know how to do this. Seems to remain in the background.

This is a setting in Roon. In Settings->Audio you can Enable/Disable discovered devices. Make sure only the RAAT connection is enabled and test again. Also make sure you have selected the Devialet Zone with RAAT. The amp should switch to Roon Ready when Roon sends a stream to it via RAAT.

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Hi @Thomas_Davy,

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Can you share a screenshot of what you see in Settings > Audio?

I think ogs solved it. I had an old Devialet ethernet connection which used air. I had used it before My expert was Roon ready. Now I have disabled it and everything seems to work as intentended. Can I in Roon se that it works via the ethernet connection and not wireless?

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I do not think you can see this easily in Roon. RAAT can work both on wifi and ethernet, but I believe the Devialet amp will give priority to ethernet if it is connected.
Another way is to observe which IP address is used (in Roon) as the wifi IP will be different from the ethernet IP.

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