Devialet Expert icon when using Airplay

Hi @support,

I have a Devialet 1000 Pro and there is a nice dual-mono icon for that zone when using the Roon-AIR. However, when using Airplay, I can see only a standard icon for the Devialet Expert. Why I cannot have the same dual-mono icon when using Airplay?

Here is a screenshot from iPad:

Hello @Petri,

Unfortunately, do to the way the Airplay protocol works, we are unable to determine within Roon if you are using a Devialet product in stereo or dual-mono mode.


Thank you @john for this information.

Would it be possible for letting the end users to define which Devialet model they are using? Roon is already determining that I’m using Devialet Expert on that Airplay zone, so it would be nice having a possibility to define the exact model. The feature / link defining the exact model is missing from the Airplay zone.

When using the Roon-AIR, there is possibility to define the exact model manually:

Or just let users choose their icons, full stop.