Devialet Expert USB Config

Could somebody please give some guidance on how to set it up the best way possible ?

Roon on Windows 2012 R2 with AO
No AIR client, just USB. USB driver 1.67
Devialet Expert 200 firmware 8.1.3

This shows the device manager

This shows how Roons detects it:

In what cases should I use ASIO as a target please ?

‘Speakers’ config

Exclusive mode.: there is only Roon on the PC that is connected via USB. Other clients connect via digital line in or aes.
Use event driven module ? Really no idea if it should be used via USb. Wasapi is used in the AIR driver so I,think it should be on.
Volume control : is there not a way to configure the setup so that Roon handles the volume without quality loss please ? That is my functional question.

Max sample rate : disabled because Devialet can handle more than 192.
Resync delay : 500 seems to do the trick
DSD over PCM (DoP) max 64 is supported according to the firmware 8 instructions

Any ideas, comments, suggestions would be really appreciated.



Hey @Georgethesixth,

Did you get this worked out? We don’t have any Devialet hardware in our test lab to confirm, but your settings look sensible to me.

I’m not sure how Devialet handles volume control unfortunately – I can tell you Roon doesn’t don’t do any volume attenuation, so if you’re connected via USB and controlling volume successfully, I think you should be in good shape. You can find more details about how Roon handles volume control here.

Let me know if you still have questions here and we can take a look Joris. Thanks!

i am not seeing the exclusive mode with my devielet 200 latest drivers on win 8.1 x64.
Is this normal?
And i am using the devialet for musik via usb but also as stereo amp for my front speakers with my yamaha av-receiver which uses the HDMI from the pc…
Roon and plex, my media center software, both start with windows.

This scenario makes problems. For example i am watching a movie unsing the av-receiver. then i quit plex and go to roon. now i switch the entry of the devialet to usb. each time i play a song then i get an error:
"Playback has failed due to playback parameter negotiation with the audio device”
jriver doesnt have this problem. is there an option to ignore the errors? or a setting to make it work.
thanks a lot.

That’s a relatively complex sounding situation there cuco - sorry to say I’ve no Av experience (or Windows), my D200 is pure music :wink: but if you’re using USB exclusive mode should be available.

My initial reaction is it sounds like something might be hanging onto the USB connection on the Devialet. I think I only saw something like this once in six months of Roon, and it was during HQPlayer experimentation where it felt like things weren’t clear about who had USB ownership. In that case, quitting HQP then restarting Roon did the trick. Maybe it’s similar? Have you tried switching to USB input before starting Roon?

Have you tried Devialetchat? There are quite a few Roon users there who may be able to help you … And lots with Av setup’s etc.

Ps, don’t forget to email Devialet and tell them you want your D200 to be RoonReady! :wink: Not only would it remove a lot of these issues, it would mean the Roon guys actually had the hardware and tech contacts to help debug these things.

Hi Tobias,

I am using the D200 as stereo amp for my front speakers and have connected my NUC via USB with the D200.

The NUC is running Kodi and RoonServer in the background (so no Roon user interface). I control Roon via Roon Remote on my Nexus 9 tablet.

The D200 is connected via PreOuts with my AVR.

This whole setup works with roon if you configure Roon to play music via Devialet and configure Kodi to playback via your AVR.

Both works perfectly on my setup and th eonly thing I need to do is to manually change the source on the D200 to the preout config in case i want to watch movies or any other source which needs more than the 2.0 setup

Hey Kian,

this is exactly the way i want to do it But i get this playback issues.
Do you use the asio usb driver in roon? My driver doesnt show the exlusive mode option. I am using the latest devialet usb driver with firmware 9.0.1.

No Roon interface means that you dont use it, but it is running in a background window that is hidden cause kodi is on top of it. right?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Tobias,

I do not use the USB ASIO Audio Driver, it is shown in the audio setup but it is disabled. instead “Devialet USB 1” is shown as “Speakers” which is enabled. For these Speakers I configured exclusive mode and disabled volume control.

I also use the latest driver, however I am using Win10, which you should also opt for, as it is also the recommended OS by Roon.

Regarding the Roon Interface:
No, I did not install the standard Roon Software, instead I installed the RoonServer application, which is running like an agent in the background. It is just a service running in the background giving you no possibility to run the remote software with any UI. It is also launched with automatically when Win10 starts up.

Ok this might be the reason for the strange behaviour with the playback.
But for dsd playback i want to use the devialet asio driver. i will do some further checks on saturday.
But this helps a lot. thanks!

i would like to switch to win10 but win8 is so much more comfortable to use with a htpc. i have a IR-Remote to control the metro interface. in win10 tabler mode this doesnt work anymore. i dont want to use my remotekeyboard all the time.
as soon as i find a solution for that i will switch to win10.