Devialet Expert Volume Control - Lossy?

Hello, perhaps this has been covered, so looking to this forum for guidance. I’m considering getting an Expert 220 to simplify my analog Pass Labs (XP-22 & 150.8) set up. I gather Devialet implements DSP volume control. Is there any literature on how this is done… I’d like to understand whether this is a lossy approach or 100% transparent to the source.

Thank you

They use a patented analog/digital hybrid (ADH) topography, so I don’t think volume can thought of in a traditional sense. There’s a non-technical explanation on their website, which perhaps you’ve seen.

It is 100% transparent to the source.
However, take into account the fact that the Devialet has an integrated DAC (which you cannot upgrade), and all analog inputs go through an analog-to-digital conversion process.

Thank you both.

So does that mean that the DAC gives a full output, but the amplification stage varies the volume by the amount of gain applied? Wouldn’t this mean analog attenuation?

As far as I was aware digital / DSP based attenuation was lossy? I’m not that technical but saw some material promoting Leedh processing which claimed to be the first lossless digital volume attenuation.

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As someone who owns both an Expert 200 and an Original d’ Atelier I can say this: Forget everything you know or think you know about the current tech and have a listen to an expert amp. There’s so much tech in there that simply can’t be compared with traditional audio that it would be impossible to tell how it sounds from reading up on it’s architecture.

As for the sound as I hear it. There hasn’t been a system that I’ve heard that’s made me want to ‘upgrade’ and I’ve listened to some pretty expensive setups over the years.


@Pim is right.
You should not worry at all about the volume of the Devialet: the sound quality is exceptional and it is an amplifier with a very transparent sound.


Thank you all.

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