Devialet Phantom roon ready but weird signal path

Hi all

Since last Devialet upgrade, the Phantoms become Roon ready!
Awesome but i’am not sure to understand the signal path from Roon to my devices

All the first section is pretty clear but from Devialet phantom 1 silver to Output it’s not so obvious ^^

  • Why the sample rate conversion drop from 96 to 48 (96 are supported by the device)?
  • Why the DSP and Amplifier are unknown?

I understand it if the product is not Roon ready, but since it is, this part should be handled too, right ?


96 no more - see this thread - Phantom Speakers waiting RAAT certification!

as for the unknown elements in the chain - see here - Phantom Speakers waiting RAAT certification!

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This might be a better question for Devialet, as the specs are now PCM48kHz on all inputs…

Thank you for this message,
I think I’m mixing DAC with OS capacity and it’s not really obvious for me how it’s working ^^

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They may have also changed the product’s specs on you, so it’s not entirely your fault !

Hello Vincent. I am a Reactor user with Roon. I see you have an amplifier in your chain which is confusing to me. If the Roon Core is on a computer then there should be no additional amp in the chain. If you are using Air Play then that may be setting the limit on the resolution. Am I confused?

The Unknown DSP and Unknown Amplifier is internal to Phantom I. DSP is probably digital x-over and SAM, amplifier is the three ADH amps driving bass, mid and treble.

Hello Guy,

That’s right, I use it on AirPlay,
Maybe I should try with a rasp + hiffiBerry

I’m still a bit confused. I know our equipment is a bit different but my flow chart ism I can call it that doesn’t have so many items. I’ll include a screen shot. Maybe the difference between Silver and Reactor?

It’s perhaps because you use a lossy mono file, Roon convert it and then swap it to stereo before sending it to your Phantom

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