Devialet Phantom

Does the roon team have any plans to support the Devialet Phantom?

Playback happens through the spark app which has its own protocol, but berhaps it shares some similarities with Devialet AIR.


Hi the Phantom was discussed in the Hardware End Points Supported by Roon topic.
See this posted by

Hi guys,

While Phantom uses proprietary protocol to communicate with Spark, it uses HTTP to receive sound streams.

In fact, on Devialet Chat Forum they show advanced users how to point Phantom to an HTTP stream to use.
If Roon would be able to provide an HTTP server, Phantom could be tuned in to it.

A single starting mode should be selected probably (f.e. 192/24), then Roon would upconvert anything lesser to that format.

I think once the Roon API is released we’ll see some enterprising forum member write a Roon plugin to do this - seems pretty simple, a quick Python script ought to do it!