Devialet Roon RAAT frequent dropout

Hello Support
I am using the latest Roon Version on a 64 Bit Windows 10 i7 Lenovo T440s laptop with SSD drive for ROON . The laptop is connected via Ethernet to a ASUS RT AC3200 router.

I have a Devialet Expert Pro 440 CI with the latest Roon RAAT firmware. Since updated the firmware, the new Roon RAAT zone keeps losing signal (dropout) and pauses for a while then continue playing, or, jumps to the next track. I am also getting something like “network performance slow” message. I can still use built in Roon Devialet Air without a problem with both standard and High Res music. The Devialet amp (Master) is connected using direct Ethernet connection via the ASUS router.

I see there are similar issues reported. I have reported to Devialet and they also suggested I should report this to Roon as well. Hope you can help? I would attach a log file but not sure if this facility is available via this interface…@Support

Kind regards
Ivan Lin

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