Devialet Roon Ready Unstable

I got the Nucleus+, set it up 2 days ago, everything went well. Devialet D250 with the lates FW and DOS was recognized as Roon Ready “certified” device.

Today the Roon App won’t boot up. After rebooting the Nucleus, audio setting of Roon to the D250 PRO became unstable, toggling between Roon Ready & Other Networked Device. After spending hours playing around, reinstalling Roon OS and Devialet FW/OS multiple times, it’s stable now, but D250 Roon Ready became “Uncertified”, and the graphic icon changed from Devialet to generic Speaker. It can power on/off the D250, but can no longer adjust the D250 volume control. Anything changed on Roon’s end?

The other 2 non-RAAT D250 inputs (AIR and Airplay) are OK with the Devialet icon.

I’ve also noticed there are 2 versions of the Devialet Roon Ready Certified FW with different dates but same version number. The FW on the Configurator page is dated 12/02/2019 and the link on the Expert Roon Ready page is dated 2/11/2019. I’ve tried reinstalling both and they have the same issue.

Roon: 1.7 (build 528)
Devialet FW: DOS 2.2.4

I did never see Devialet twice on Roon audio devices. I’ve only seen the same Devialet with multiple protocols.
I also cannot find “FW DOS 2.2.4” on Devialet site. It is only FW 13.1.3. Where did you get this firmware version? Can you provide a link for this?

Hello @DN28,

Try removing the power cable from your Devialet, waiting one minute, and then plugging the power cable back into the device. Repeat this process twice. This should resolve the uncertified and volume issue.


The downloaded folder has the additional files extensions.

Heres’s the link from the Expert, Configurator page, file dated 12/02/2019:

This one from Expert, Story - Roon Ready page, dated 2/11/2019:

I reloaded the Devialet F/W and DOS (12/02/2019 version) and user settings, rebooted everything: network, Nucleus and D250. The first time they booted up the D250 Roon Ready was “Uncertified”, Airplay and Roon Ready volume cannot be controlled by the Devialet and Roon iOS Apps.

Removed power cord twice as suggested, now the D250 is Roon Ready (Certified), but still can’t control volume by Devialet and Roon iOS Apps. They both used to work before when I first set up the system until yesterday.

Hello @DN28,

I recommend reaching out to the Devialet support team, they would be in the best position to assist you with the volume control issue.


It is the same firmware for both links (FW 13.1.3). All files are identical. Date format is different: 12/02/2019 is Europe date format, and 2/11/2019 is USA date format. The date is the same: 2 february 2019.

If Devialet App cannot control your volume, than check you configuration file, section “App remote control”:

The Devialet was setup properly. Both Roon and Devialet iOS App were not able to control the volume.

I got it to work after playing around with different input sources and power cycling. The lasted F/W seems to be not very robust. I’m afraid to make any changes for now, hoping it’ll be stable over time.

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