Devialet - "Transport Device In Use" [Resolved - Fixed IP address]

I have just changed ISP & have had to recover my network. When connecting to Devialet “zone” I have started to get the “Transport Device in use” message. I used to get this before if I forgot to close the “AIR” app. Following the earlier post, I have now uninstalled this app. I still, however, get this message. My setup is that I have the Devialet connected via ethernet to my network and I have checked that Roon has the correct IP address for the Devialet. As I went to considerable trouble to achieve a direct wired connection, this error is very frustrating. (I can still use Roon through my ‘Apple TV 4K’ Zone but I do not believe that a WiFi connection is as reliable as the Ethernet one.) What do I do

I have answered my own question. On my previous setup I had the Devialet set on a fixed IP address. Changing this using the configurator to let the system use a dynamic IP address fixed the issue. It’s a pity that all we get is the message “Transport Device in Use”, but anyway it prompted me to work hard to sort the problem out.

Are you sure that this will fix the issue?

I have got this same error also when using DHCP…

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