Devialet: Transport: Device in Use

another reboot fixed this (the air issue)

Same problem here as well. It would seem that the problem is my MacBook Pro. Not sure if it’s the only problem, but it is one of them.

I have my music on my NAS, Roon Core on a separate server machine and I’m controlling Roon with my MacBook, iPad and Android phone. First I tried to play music on my Mac and it played for a few seconds before I got the “Device in use”. Another time I hadn’t used my Mac for a while and started playing music by using my iPad and it worked flawlessly. Until I opened up my Mac that is.

I’m using Wifi, since my ethernet is not working and Devialet refuses to understand technical stuff, which is why I’m waiting for the new streamer card.

I’ve had the Devialet AIR driver installed before but I didn’t (intentionally) have it when my problems started. I did install the latest AIR driver and disabled it, just to make sure it wasn’t the problem.

An update. I’ve just moved some things around and I have the Devialet connected to the network via Ethernet. Roon>Devialet Air is now working and it’s sounding wonderful. Thanks so much!

I have been having the same problem. I could access the Devialet from the Roon volume control. Turn the Devialet off and back on. But get the message device in use when trying to play.

It i usually solved by making sure Devialet Air on my Mac is closed completely and close and reopen Roon on both my Core and the control machine.

It does seem a bit random, sometimes I have to close and restart everything a few times to get things working.

any news on this issue? any fixes?

for what its worth, my air doesnt work smoothly anymore. it just stops after about 15-20 mins - for no reason. I have to select it again in the system tray and off we go again… Needless to say - it didnt require this before.

What is in your system tray? Are you using Air the virtual sound card driver or are you talking direct to your Devialet with Roon’s Air implementation.

You can’t use both.

Thanks Jeff - my story above hopefully shows the issues I’ve had… Im now on Air again - as the Roon implementation failed after i changed source to phono - it refused to go back - and gave a “device in use” forever more…

However - the Roon implementation works again now… so I’ll use this for a while…

With the latest Roon release my problems seem to be further apart. When previously I could only play 10 seconds of a song before I got the “device in use”, now I can play almost a whole song. Also previously it did not recover from it, but now pause -> play cycle resumes playing. Of course doing that once or twice per song is not something I want to be doing, so I’m not using AIR at the moment.

Maybe with the next update it’ll work perfectly for me too :slight_smile:

Hmm - latest update seems to have fixed this… Its odd. I removed air. Then tried this new update. I got “device in use”, but after that error - I pressed play again - and it works perfectly - multiple tracks - over 2 hrs of listening… And each time I turn it on -I get the same - “Device in use” -but if I ignore it - press play - it sall good, and off we go… . fingers crossed we all good now! Hopefully this helps fellow Rooners!

ahh - worked for a while - but I’m back to no music and “device in use” error… reboot doesnt fix… hmm

i used phono tonight - and switched between phono and roon without issue… i think 4 times… until now…

Last 2 sessions listening to vinyl. Tried roon tonight - “device in use” again - no music tonight it seems. Can we have someone give an update please - ive posted logs before now. this is getting painful now.

Well, after about a month and a half of mostly flawless playback via MacBook Pro running Core and iPad as remote (with D120 connected via Ethernet and using Roon’s Air Implementation), I just started getting the “Transport: Device in Use” error yesterday. I’m curious if it has something to do with the upgrade to Roon 1.3?

@mike any thoughts on this? Here are my logs today

Just to our curiosity, are you guys running your Devialet with the latest firmware ?
I never got the issues you had. Roon running on Intel NUC Windows 10, streaming with Roon Air implementation to my Devialet D200 over ethernet. Devices are connected through a basic TP-switch. Remotes are iPhones or MacBooks.

We have many Devialet users using Roon’s AIR support without issue. Many have had this issue and it always is something related to running the AIR driver and/or networking issues. If you kill AIR and reboot your device, it should be fine. Make sure you network is uncomplicated and yours switches are dumb. Fancy switches just have more things to break

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Agreed only arises due to network / or another program, that is also running AIR. This problem is now pretty well eliminated for me with Roon running on Rock/ NUC for music only. As my Devialet is also used by another PC and program for video/ Kodi or Spotify - the issue occasionally arises due to the network conflict, but in my view easily resolved by re-booting the NUC which takes a couple of minutes. Suffice to say this issue is very rare now, only had the error message once in 8 weeks.

If anyone is having this issue check to make sure the PC is not connected to multiple access points