Devialet volume control and power management

I’m using the the new Roon to Devialet direct streaming. Great job guys!!!
Few suggestions:

  1. volume control. You can control the Devialet’s volume, but the slider can be very dangerous. It would be nice to either have a vlume max property or to change the slider to a different ui component that you cannot move to the max in a single click. On the other side, if you disable the volume control, it would be nice to show the Devialet’s volume level, for a quick feedback.
  2. power management. It looks like when you power off the Devialet from Roon, this shuts down the Devialet. The result is that the Devialet is no more discoverable from the available devices in Roon. IMO Roon should put the Devialet in stand-by instead of powering off it.


Looks like you missed this for q1…

I agree it would be nice to have a volume readout for convenience regardless…

Pretty sure mine goes into standby and can be powered back up. I only did it a couple of times and seem to remember it’s a bit picky about where you click on the icon, and also it doesn’t give much feedback to say you’ve pressed it - but you see the amp screen coming to life. There’s probably a bit of room for improvement in the UI but otherwise I think it does what you’re asking. Hopefully someone else can confirm.

@Riccardo_Zulian – the power/standby should work properly. Can I ask what firmware you are using with your Expert and what model?

I agree–the Devialet remains discoverable after powering off for us.

@danny: I’m running 10.1.0.
@brian: I wasn’t able to replicate the issue regarding Roon shutting down the Devialet, but in the meantime I removed the Devialet Air driver from all my Macs, because I was getting the Device in use problem.
The current status is that Roon

  • can use a Devialet which is powered on,
  • can wake up a Devialet in standby mode ( low power or sleep mode),
  • can put a Devialet in standby mode (as pressing shortly the Power button in the remote) ,
  • cannot shut down a Devialet (long press on the Power button in the remote),
  • cannot discover a Devialet in shut down status.
    Could you please confirm that this is the intended behaviour?

Nothing* can discover or restart the Devialet in fully shut down mode FYI. It’s the equivalent of turned off. (Although Devialets still naughtily use power in this state)

[edit: *apart from the Devialet remote of course, which uses RF]

This is correct, sorry. When I was talking about “powering off” I was just referring to Standby, not the fully shut down state that shuts down the network board.

My D400 is set to lower the volume to -40db when powering on from standby. It seems Roon wakes up the Devialet when you press play. Not sure if it is possible but it would be nice if Roon resets the volume back to where it was on the last play. Otherwise you have to press play, then adjust the volume. Or disable the volume reset feature on the Configurator.

Hmm, I just so that you can turn on the Devialet first, from the same volume box

Seems like there might be a control conflict there? If the Devialet is set to safe volume, and Roon overrides it, it’s actually ignoring the Devialet’s volume setting. How would it know to differentiate? I guess it could only do this in the instance where Roon is starting up the device. Maybe it’s not conflicting after all.

That said, I’d be inclined to disable it at the configurator so everything’s consistent.

Actually, the Safe volume feature is only for when sources are changed. From what I see, for when the Devialet powers after standby, there is only the option of setting an initial volume. But still, Roon could queue the volume control change and issue it after play is pressed.

Isn’t it easiest to just set the startup volume on the Devialet to the volume you want?

You could be listening to AC/DC in an empty house and the next use could be another family member queueing up Micheal Buble and scaring themselves silly :grinning:

I, and only I, uses the stereo :wink:

But yes, I already set an initial volume more to my liking. Just a minor gripe but a nice to have

In the same kind of topic, I have one issue.
I test Roon for 3 months and will certainly buy the unlimited licence.
Everything work really fine except the lack (apparently) of solution to manage the volume of my headphones.

When using roon to hear music stored on my NAS; I manage the volume of my 220 pro using the slider of roon (very useful). In some case, I want to turn off my speakers and to use my Senheiser 800S connected on the expert.
To do that; I use the slider and put it on -97.0dB, but I have no solution to manage the volume of this headphone.

I can just use my other headphone, a Stax, connected on his own tube amplifier who provide a volume adjustment.

Do you see a solution for the Senheiser? Did I need to buy a second headphone amplifier to manage his volume? Which kind do you advice ?

Thanks for your help


I have the Build 262.

Today I found out that the Devialet Power Management doesn´t work no more. I can´t start the Devialet 220 pro, because it´s not shown as a audio device (as before). So I have to pull the power button before on the Pro 220, the device appears in ROON as audio device.

I didn´t changed the software on my 220 Pro.

What happend ? The power control before was great.