#Devialet140 Roon Ready not recognized as Roon Ready


I just bought a Devialet Expert Pro 140 - I did the firmware upgrade - It is Roon Ready and connected in Ethernet to my Freebox.
When I try to Activate it in my Roon config (Audio), it says that Devialet is not certified Roon… what should I do?

I’m neither Roon staff, nor do I own a Devialet 140.
A quick forum search gave this result - hope that helps you along.
Good luck!


Hello @Geoffroy_Menez,

Try pulling the power cord from the Devialet, letting it rest for 30 seconds, and then plugging back in. You may need to perform this process twice.


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Hello @john - please can you explain why this is necessary? The “uncertified” banner seems to appear spontaneously against my 1000 Pro, and then this slightly inconvenient rigmarole is needed to sort it out, only for it to happen again later. (Feel free to move this to a separate thread if you prefer, of course.)

Hello @thumb5,

This is an issue with the Devialet firmware.

When a Roon Ready device is discovered on the network Roon probes it for basic device identification information. This allows us to determine the device model and it’s certification status.

It appears that some Devialet Expert devices are failing to report this information correctly after firmware updates. Performing the power cycle appears to fix the issue.

I’ve only heard of this behavior occurring after firmware updates, if it occurs more often than that I suggest reaching out to the Devialet support team for further assistance.


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Thanks @john, that’s helpful to know.

Thanks mate! I restarted both Devialet and computer for Roon and then it detected it as Roon ready.
I think this is because I did the firmware upgrade (as Devialet being Roon Ready is quite recent) of the Devialet after having launched Roon.on my computer, so a reboot was needed to search again with new setup.
Thanks :slight_smile: