Device Initiation fails - but I still hear all the music!

can’t enable DAC under Roon settings - reports Device Initiation Failed - but it nevertheless seems to be operating efficiently. The connected microRendu recognises the DAC - a Yulong Sabre DA8. So what is Roon seeing?

Hi Michael,

Can you describe your setup as per this thread. It would also help if you could provide screenshots of relevant device setup screens and describe the steps you take which result in the error message.

With that information Support will be able to try and reproduce the issue and work out if there is a problem or if the error message is displaying wrongly.

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Hi Andrew
Appreciate your fast response last week.
I prepared a description, was on the point of sending it, started to do some more reading. I don’t want to waste your time when my system seems to be working well with good sound exiting the speakers. I’ll continue reading and try to understand how the DAC is working when it’s not supposed to be.