Device manual shown twice[Fixed Pending Next Release]

In the signal chain, there is a double entry for the manual of my Meridian Explorer.
Also, the styling with the logo doesn’t fit Roon and is unnecessarily big IMO. I’d suggest skipping the logo and just shown the name with the link. Like the chain it’s supposed to be.

Currently running a temporary test setup:

  • iPad with RoonControl
  • Old Mac Mini with RoonServer
  • Linux DIY streamer with RoonBridge
    – USB to Meridian Explorer

I have this double up too. Doesn’t seem to affect anything else

@danny, did you put a ticket in for this?

Cheers, Greg

Yup thanks @Greg @Paul_Butler @paaj@vova and I are looking into this.

With my headphone set up the signal chain shows the meridian Meridian Explorer² twice…
A bug I guess?

raspberry pi 3 with Roon Bridge -> Meridian Explorer² -> schiit modi 2 -> AKG K550

I guess they do have two outputs :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report, we were able to reproduce.