Device not found Ubuntu 20.4

Roon Server Machine

MSI Desktop, 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-11400 @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz, 8GB RAM, Ubuntu 20.4, SSD, Roon version2.0 build1359

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Inteno XG6846 Broadband switch, Google mesh - connected to switch. Core pc connected by ethernet to switch.

Connected Audio Devices

Core pc connected directly to RME ADI-2 dac FS by usb. ALSA. All other outputs disabled.

Number of Tracks in Library

4 808

Description of Issue

Just set up a new server on Ubuntu. Fresh install. When turning on the dac, I need to manually hit “retry” to find device (see picture). I’ve searched the forum and seen several Ubuntu users having the same issue. Is there a known solution?

Hi @Huba,

Thanks for writing in!

Does this issue occur if you connect the DAC to another device, like a PC remote? What is the firmware version on the DAC?

Does this issue occur outside of Roon? Does this issue happen when using a different USB port / cable?

Hi Benjamin. Thank you for your quick response. I tried changing the usb cable and port. Latest firmware on dac. No luck.

Disabling the internal soundcard in bios didn´t work. Looking at other posts, I’m not the only one with this issue.

Thanks for giving that a try @Huba. Could you please reproduce the issue and share the specific date and time when the issue occurs?

Once you let me know this info, I’ll go ahead and enable diagnostics for your account so I can review the logging for clues.

If you’d rather do it yourself manually, please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader.


Hi @benjamin

This morning I had to refresh within roon. I think about here:

02/08 05:50:57 Info: [stats] 9550mb Virtual, 863mb Physical, 326mb Managed, 311 Handles, 61 Threads
02/08 05:51:12 Trace: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] GOT NONFINAL {"status": "DeviceAdded", "device": {"device_id": "hw:CARD=DAC51120887,DEV=0", "name": "ADI-2 DAC (51120887)", "type": "alsa", "vendor": "RME", "config": {"volume": null, "unique_id": "5c00b717-1f1c-99f4-346a-64c6c823b127", "output": {"name": "ADI-2 DAC (51120887)", "dsd_mode": "dop", "type": "alsa", "force_max_volume": false, "device": "hw:CARD=DAC51120887,DEV=0"}, "external_config": {"is_private": false}}, "usb_id": "2a39:3fd3"}}
02/08 05:51:12 Info: [raatserver] GOT DEVICE 6947892f-b014-43d1-9783-2fce0a635797::hw:CARD=DAC51120887,DEV=0 Type=alsa Name=ADI-2 DAC (51120887) Vendor=RMEUsbId=2a39:3fd3
02/08 05:51:12 Trace: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] SENT {"request":"enable_device","device_id":"hw:CARD=DAC51120887,DEV=0","subscription_id":"4"}
02/08 05:51:12 Trace: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] GOT NONFINAL {"status": "DeviceChanged", "device": {"device_id": "hw:CARD=DAC51120887,DEV=0", "name": "ADI-2 DAC (51120887)", "type": "alsa", "error_message": "DeviceOpenFailed", "vendor": "RME", "config": {"volume": null, "unique_id": "5c00b717-1f1c-99f4-346a-64c6c823b127", "output": {"name": "ADI-2 DAC (51120887)", "dsd_mode": "dop", "type": "alsa", "force_max_volume": false, "device": "hw:CARD=DAC51120887,DEV=0"}, "external_config": {"is_private": false}}, "usb_id": "2a39:3fd3"}}
02/08 05:51:12 Trace: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] GOT NONFINAL {"status": "DeviceInitFailed"}
02/08 05:51:12 Info: [stats] 9550mb Virtual, 863mb Physical, 326mb Managed, 311 Handles, 61 Threads
02/08 05:51:22 Debug: [easyhttp] [483] POST to returned after 173 ms, status code: 200, request body size: 3 KB
02/08 05:51:22 Trace: [devicemap] device map updated

Hi @Huba,

Would you be able to send over the full log packet for our team to review? Thanks :+1:

@benjamin done. Both roon and raat logs.

Thanks for sending those over!

In the meantime, I’d be curious to see if the same issue occurs on a fresh database:

  • Make a Backup of your current RoonServer Database
  • Exit out of RoonServer
  • Navigate to your RoonServer’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “RoonServer”
  • Rename the “RoonServer” folder to “RoonServer_old”
  • Reinstall the RoonServer App from our Downloads Page to generate a new RoonServer folder
  • On the Roon Remotes, press “Use another Roon Server” and connect to the new database

Hi Benjamin. This is a fresh install. Both linux and roon. Was reinstalled some weeks ago.

Have you managed to solve this issue before? I´ve seen the issue for others with linux, but have seen no solution. If a refresh command was sent when starting roon remote it would solve my issue.

Can close this one. This has to do with roon and pulse audio in Ubuntu trying to control the same unit. You should look into putting that into the bag of tricks.

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