Device shown as Airplay device only (not Roon Ready)


I integrated Roon Bridge and Airplay packages on my Arch Linux device (Restek Mams+). So both as services started.

Since I integrated Airplay (airupnp package) Roon shows me the device only as Airplay Device (but Roon Bride SW and Service is up and running -> ps -ef shows me that).

Shouldn’t Roon show me the device as Roon Ready FIRST??? It’s completly gone so i disabled the airupnp again and then device shows up as usual.

Any idea how to deal with that?

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Hello @Armin_Moesslacher,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue.

I am wondering if the airupnp package could be using the same ports as the Roon Bridge package and blocking discovery. There has been a similar issue with Emby (mentioned here) but I can’t say for sure this is the cause yet.

Would it be possible for you to share a few screenshots of this behavior?


Normal behavior when airupnp is disabled (only Roon Bridge running)

RoonBridge and airupnp running in parallel. Device only shown as Airplay Device

Listening Ports from airupnp and RoonBridge are different

Service state looks OK

Ah ckecked the link you sent so port 1900 seems to be the issue since Roon server listens on that one, OK i will see into changing it for ariupnp and come back.

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