Device volume for SMSL SU-9

Hello, I am unable to get “device volume” to work when my SMSL SU-9 is connected directly via USB to my Roon core. I figure I’m either doing something wrong or there is some incompatibility.

What I want is for the volume control on the Roon screen to change the volume on my DAC.


I would imagine that as it isn’t a certified device roon just sees it as a DAC and so doesn’t know about the device volume control. You would have to use DSP controlled software volume.

That makes sense. Device volume worked fine with my prior DAC so I was a little thrown off. I guess I’ve followed certification of streamers more closely than DAC certification because it’s never been an issue till now. I was just interested in this because the SMSL remote has a limited range so it’s not great but I don’t want to take the DSP hit to SQ, it sounds too good as it is. Thanks.

My Topping D10 then SMSL SP200 chain is the same…

Hardly any DACs actually allow Roon to control the volume. It really depends on what they make available and is different from manufacturer to manufacturer. Even Roon tested does not mean volume control will work.

I’m pretty sure it worked with my Topping D50S. I guess I could hook it up to confirm. Maybe it was DSP and I didn’t know it.

It really depends on the DAC and how they implement HID control. Some don’t expose the preamp or volume controls and if they do it’s likely os dependant on how well it works if at all.


Even if you select pre-amp mode and select device volume you can’t still control volume in Roon?

I saw some users here saying there were to do it with M500, since is same brand I would expected the same for SU-9.

I’m considering at moment to buy SU-9 or M500 and the Roon volume control is important for me, since i’m planning to connect it to active monitors without Volume control.

Did you manage to fix it?


I have not resolved this. Someone here said it couldn’t be done so I left it at that.
Good luck.

It can’t be done, unless SMSL offer up the control of the preamp via HiD which they don’t. Not even windows can control it.

I guess i will go for the M500 then. I read here in forum that is possible when pre-amp mode is selected.

Olá, quero aproveitar esse tópico para abordar o meu problema. Uso Roon com MacMini e adquiri SMSL M200 para utilizar via USB. Para minha surpresa e desencanto o M200 trava o tempo todo, muitas vezes desaparece das opções de saída de áudio.
Isso acontece quando jogo DSD ou MQA já decodificado pelo Roon. Estranho porque o sinal recebido pelo DAC é PCM
Alguém pode me ajudar.
O M500 seria uma solução?