Device Volume not working with Denefrips Venus DAC

When I select ‘Device Volume” the sliding control shows up and indicate the correct volume range (0-100) for my preamp and I can set a safety limit on the volume. When I look at the remote (iphone) all looks promising - The sliding volume shows up and the limits I set are shown in red. I can change the ± on the control but it doesn’t change the actual volume. I have a server feeding the Venus ll (via USB) that then feeds a Pass Preamp that controls the volume. Does anyone know why this doesn’t work? I have tried multiple times, rebooted a few times, and verified ROON and ROON REMOTES have the latest software.

Show the settings in roon of the DAC.

I am away till Thursday but will show them when I get back - thanks for responding.

As I said I’ll send my ‘Device’s’ setup when I get back. Sharing my lack of knowledge here, I think of the volume device as my preamp not the DAC. Do you suspect that is the problem-that is, my DAC needs to have a volume control? Just thinking about it as I’m away.

Again, thanks for you help

In the set up you describe Roon cannot “see” your preamp and definitely cannot control it. The Venus does not have any volume controls.

John, if I remember you are familiar and knowledgeable with Denefrips. Is it not possible to use ‘Device Volume’ with a Denefrips?
Thanks for your advice,

The Venus does not have a volume control. It’s a fixed output. However Roon can control the volume from your streamer and pass those settings to your DAC (Fixed) and then to your preamp (controlled by the volume control on the pre).

What do you mean when you say ‘Roon can control the Volume’ - just that I can select DSP, Fixed, or Device Volume? What I am after is controlling the volume with the ROON slider on the ROON Remote on my phone - but without using the DSP Volume.

That’s not entirely true, but somewhat ambigous.
Denafrips recently released a Firmware with volume control, from what i understand this is available for all models. I lost volume when using it, and couldn’t resolve the difference between DSD and PCM source media, so i reverted to the “latest know good” fw instead.



  • Release Date: 1st Apr 2021
  • Based on Firmware Version V3.12.0
  • Enable USB Volume Control

So bascially @DJD , you will need to go down the rabbit hole of FW updating and messing about. I would only do this if i deemed it really, really necessary!

Mikael, you are 100% correct. I completely forgot about that firmware update. Good catch. It’s still not achieving what the OP originally wanted. No Roon will not control the volume on his preamp. That was his original question. After that we were just adding to the noise.

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Thanks to all for your help. I posed the same question (that I posted here) to Alvin but haven’t heard anything back. I have the 3.12 FW - I’m not sure I understand what they mean by USB volume control realitive to the 3.14 FW. And John may be correct that I just can’t do what I want to do. The quest here stems from someone telling me I might get better sound if I did the volume from my Pass preamp so I have been trying it. The problem is I have to use the Pass remote for the volume control and it’s no way as convenient as using the DSP Volume control in ROON with a rooDial and also being able to change the volume on my phone.

So, it’s sounds like I cannot use the ‘Devise Volume’ in ROON with the Venus and I’ll have to decide if the SQ is ‘better’ with the Pass volume enough to override the convenience of being able to use my rooDial/phone. The SQ is gonna have to be a good bit better to go backwards….

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